THIS JUST IN ~ 2,138 Members of the National Organization for Women File Suit Against the NFL…

Oooh…. that was a bad analogy. Sorry ladies. As an apology, I offer Channing Tatum as Mike Martingano in “Magic Mike”:

I’m the one on the right…. with the tighter nipples!

Actually, 2,138 former NFL players are suing the league because they didn’t know that playing tackle football might have adverse effects on their bodies; specifically injuries to their brains from concussions.


If you don’t know something’s wrong when you get blasted so hard by a 242 pound linebacker that your lights go out… you’re flat out stupid.

Colt is not involved in this lawsuit…. until the Browns cut him, that is!

But you hold the league accountable… claiming that they should have informed you of these dangers? Shut up!

You knew football was a violent sport when you started playing it in elementary school, where you may have been concussed at some point… but you were good at it, so you played in high school. You were so good at it in high school that colleges contacted you to come play for them. You chose a college, getting a free ride of course, that has a good enough football program that might get you noticed by NFL scouts. There’s an even better chance, if you were a skill player, that you were concussed in college.

Watch this video of Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best suffering a concussion when he was a California Golden Bear.

Jahvid isn’t currently involved in any litigation against the NFL, but he’s currently  an NFL player… well sort of… so he can’t sue. He’s still having concussion issues, however.

Should he sue his college, maybe? Or his high school? Where does it end?

Are players gonna start suing because their ligaments get shredded, making it difficult to move around in their 10,000 square foot houses, or drive their Lamborghinis?

Prolly my favorite current Browns player, cornerback Joe Haden. Pictured not investing his money well.

I understand that a lot of players don’t make the seven or eight figure salaries of the superstars… but in the history of the NFL, these dudes have made a lot more cash than had they stayed in the field of their fake “major” in college, like horticulture or advanced finger painting.

Again…. football is a violent sport. You guys have always known this. The fact that you, and your families, are suing a $10 BILLION company in the NFL means that you’re just gold diggers.

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