Blue Devils ~ Fly to the Angels….

I’ve wanted to do this all week, as it’s only a couple miles from my house; but kept avoiding the area. Today I did it…

I just drove by the site of the accident that claimed the lives of Jeff Chaya, Blake Bartchak, Lexi Poerner and Kevin Fox. By now, all four children have been laid to rest. Jeff and Blake on Thursday, Lexi yesterday and Kevin today.

Julia Romito is now at home recovering.

Like I said before, I didn’t know any of these children personally and only chatted a few times with Jeff’s parents at his sisters’ basketball games a few years ago. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through.

I parked my car and walked around for a few minutes…

I broke down in tears…

The outpouring of support from Brunswick, and surrounding communities, was overwhelming. I didn’t know if it was right to take a few pictures, but I did anyway. People need to know how supportive everyone has been to the families of these children we’ve all lost as a community… Click the images for full size…

Since I’m a fan of ’80s music I’ve selected the following tune to dedicate to the families of these beautiful children…

“All the stars in the night shine in your name”

2 responses to “Blue Devils ~ Fly to the Angels….

  1. First Greg, thanks for all your updates. It is a sad situation, especially if you have kids. We knew some of these kids and i had Julia on my softball team a few years back. It hit Emmy hard because she knew all of them and had grown up with three of them. Regardless if you knew them or not,it was a hard pill to swallow for anyone.When you see a community come together like Brunswick did,it makes you proud to live there.I love living in,but i am glad i raised my kids there and it will always be my home.

    • You’re welcome… and thank you, Jim. I was pretty sure you all knew them, especially Emmy. I wanted to say something to her but didn’t have the words, believe it or not. I’m so happy that Julia survived. It’s absolutely amazing that she did after seeing the pictures of the car and visiting the crash scene today. I thank God that she did and, at the same time, curse him for taking the other four. Anyway, I miss you guys… alot!

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