Sexy Saturday ~ Kate Upton Keeps ‘Popping Up’… and for that I am Thankful!

Just in case you don’t know who Kate Upton is… here’s a little background:

Her birth name is Katherine and she was born in Michigan; raised in Florida. She’s nineteen and somewhat attractive. She’s definitely not a stick figure of a woman, measuring at 33-25-36.

I was pursuing her for a bit, but have now ended the chase… for three reasons:

  1. Kate is 5’10”, as am I. My women must be shorter than me by at least a few inches.
  2. Kate is blonde. I’ve never had success with blondes (I sure hope Brooklyn Decker doesn’t read this post), not sure why. I’ve failed with redheads too! Brunettes seem to be my good fit (unless they’re Italian, that is).
  3. Kate moved to NYC. That place turns women into bat shit crazy, vindictive, lying, manipulative creatures I’ve only encountered in Stephen King novels.

Even though I’ve stopped courting Kate, I will remain a fan as she is attractive (not shaped like Mrs. Potato Head, like one NY woman I know), seemingly funny and very bouncy!


The only thing keeping that top on is “The Force”.

Yes, Kate…. that’s a wrap!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

Hug your children and love them every day….

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