Sexy Saturday ~ Fantasy & Reality!

I’ve always been a fan of ESPN’s Erin Andrews. I’m not sure why, actually…. She’s tall and blonde, which make her a bad fit for me…

….but I know exactly how she caught my attention.. her ass!

Just loogit that butt! I’m definitely an ass man!

Well, recently, Erin came to Cleveland and wanted me to take her to Edgewater Park; so I did. Here are a few pics!

When we returned home, she helped me wash my Jetta!

Then I woke up!

And I awoke to a picture texted to me by the sexiest woman I know!

Sorry…. y’all don’t get to see the entire picture… but just her foot in a sexy heel!

…I get the rest…

Everything above that foot is not all about sexy; but funny, energetic, caring, beautiful…. etc.!

And next weekend I’ll be spending time with that funny, energetic, caring beauty…. and her girls & their friends! I. Cannot. Wait!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

Love your children and hug them every day!

2 responses to “Sexy Saturday ~ Fantasy & Reality!

  1. Brenda Edwards

    I used to pray before I could hug my teenagers, “Lord, please help me walk into the room and hug my child and say I love you, even though that child is breaking my heart right now.”

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