Mitt Romney Came to Tropical Brunswick, Ohio… And Other Rambling Thoughts!

It’s been a great day thus far. I awoke at about 6:30 this morning to finish writing a blog post to my Dad for Father’s Day.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a father Dad to three wonderful girls, so today’s my day I suppose?

Honestly, though, today should technically be a day in which I don’t have my girls. Why? Because every other day is for them… I need my own day! Sounds selfish, doesn’t it? Well, one of my favorite bloggers, Drew Magary of, had a great post about how Father’s Day should go. I’m totally in agreement. Here’s an excerpt (Drew’s post is satire… he’s a very funny writer and a loving family man, so if you’re offended by his post, or my comments above, you have no sense of humor):

8. No dirty looks when Daddy has had eight beers in the span of 35 minutes. Every Father’s Day, I’m told that I have carte blanche to eat and drink as I please. And what happens? Thirty minutes into my repulsive binge, I get that look from the missus that’s like, “Do you HAVE to drink that much and eat that many ham slices?” And the answer is YES. I do. This is one of my only days to do this (apart from every weekend day, and holidays, and Thursdays), so don’t ruin my good time by telling me that I’m having too much of a good time. NO STRINGS! I WANT NO STRINGS ATTACHED WHEN DRINKING A HANDLE OF JACK IN FRONT OF THE BABY.

HERE is the entire post… you need to check it out!

Anyway, after I was done writing, I fully intended to stay up and clean this townhouse a bit… but then I heard thunderstorms rolling in….

See, thunderstorms have this magical power over me. I’ve always enjoyed them; especially laying in bed, listening to them. There’s this beautiful, wonderful woman  I have a “thunderstorm” connection with; in that we both enjoy them just the same. We’ve yet to have an opportunity to share a thunderstorm together… hopefully soon, though!

So I eschewed the whole house cleaning thing and instead returned to bed to listen to the thunderstorms and wish I was with her… and dozed off…

… but was re-awoken a bit later by the sound of not too distant chants… OH THAT’S RIGHT! MITT ROMNEY’S IN TOWN!! He had a campaign stop at Mapleside Farms… almost right across the street from me!

I ran out on my balcony to hear if I could make out the chants…. woo hoo, they were protesters! I had to get on the scene to check it out!

As I was walking towards Mapleside, the chants became more clear: To the tune of Toni Basil’s “Mickey” they sang: Hey Romney.. you’re so rich.. you’re so rich you make me sick.. NO ROMNEY!

Catchy little tune! But, what, you don’t want a rich dude (or woman) running this country? When was the last time that didn’t happen? Heck, I’ve never had a financially challenged employer.. and there’s never been a “poor” president! Look it up…

Then I saw the protesters….

And I got out my red pen…. Romney wants us all working @ at min minimum wage.

YOU DOLT! No… Mitt Romney doesn’t “Want US ALL Working @ Min Wage!” He wants us all to succeed, provide for our families and contribute to our country as necessary! I make more than minimum wage because I’ve always worked hard to become better, in an effort to provide more for my family.

And the “grim reaper” waved at me!

Not really the grim reaper… it’s a mix of a plastic sickle and my oldest daughter’s Haloween costume… when she was 7!

The next chant by the protesters was even more humorous! They carried no tune…. just screamed this one, “WE WANT JOBS… AND WE WANT ‘EM NOW!”

Since I’ve been thirteen years old and got my first real job pimpin’ onion rings at the Cuyahoga County Fair for Larry’s Onion Rings… I’ve only known one way to get a job: by assuming I’m qualified and then applying for that job!

I never thought a good way to get a job was to just demand it! Especially to demand a job from a political candidate, who has a budget based entirely on campaigning and very little on hiring!

And lastly… also screamed was “Pay yo’ taxes!” … to no tune, just high volume! …And dear God was she aggravating! Brookie, however, thought it was hilarious!

Wait…… Pay yo’ ta…. what?

Mitt pays his taxes… to the tune of close to 40% of his income…That’s how it goes…. the top 10% of wage earners pay 60% of the taxes…. while the bottom, almost 40% of workers, pay close to nothing… or even get a refund from “the rich”.

Unfortunately, the screaming protesters scurried away when the rain returned. It’s amusing how a little rain can quell some extremely convicted voices…

As expected… it was a peaceful event. There was definitely some creativity…

Wait…. the 99% drives Cadillac Escalades?

There was an incredible turnout… maybe a few thousand supporters vs. a dozen maniacal protesters..

Regardless of political affiliation, it’s nice to see a major political candidate make a stop here. Brunswick has been in the national spotlight the last couple weeks for all the wrong reasons. It’s comforting to see some good come through this little town…

…and to a location owned and managed by good people who, in the last 18 months, have created a nice little bight spot where people go to have fun.

As I walked away, I heard Mitt’s intro music begin… it was this nice little song by Bob Ritchie (the artist formerly known as Kid Rock)…

Were I a candidate… I’d have opened with actual Kid Rock music and encouraged a mosh pit… which is why I’ll never be able to run for office!

Now if I only could’ve gotten Mitt to come across the street, drink a few beers and watch some NASCAR with me…. Then he’d have my vote!

Love your children and hug them every day.

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