FOX News is EVIL!

SO many liberals, not normal liberals, but the fringe nutjobs ridicule me for reading FOX News; because it’s “evil” and people who read it are only sheep.

When I mention that I read ALL the major media sites, including MSN, CNN and of course ESPN, they’re fine with that… as long as I don’t read FOX…

Why would I be that close minded? Well here’s why, you wackos!

The following video on MSNBC, featuring Andrea Mitchell, basically ridicules Mitt Romney for being out of touch.

But it’s edited… nearly three minutes is cut out so MSNBC can make a major presidential candidate appear less intelligent.

I can’t embed the video that shows MSNBC’s editing, so I have to direct you to Fox News. I encourage you to watch what they did. It’s actually quite nauseating.

Check it out HERE.

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