I’m Gonna Give Y’all What I Know You’re Looking For

A lot of traffic comes to this blog because of my Sexy Saturday post in which I compared Kate Upton to poorly fed Victoria’s Secret models. Check it out HERE.

Well, GQ released their July issue this morning and the pictures from the photo shoot are on their website. Lots of people are clearly frantically Google searching  Kate upton in an effort to find the new pictures, but are ending up at my comparison post because my traffic has, ahem, exploded!

At the bottom of this post is a link to GQ’s site. Maybe that way they won’t send me a cease and desist.

“Greg…. please give me my top back….”

See thru!

NOT… See thru! : (

More See Thru… Wrong Angle!


All Images VIA GQ.com

Oh Yeah…. In case you never heard of when Kate did the Cat Daddy dance:

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