Rock Me….Roll Me…. Jackyl Me Off

Back in the early to mid ’90s I went to a number of Aerosmith shows, as they are one of my top three favorite bands.

The opening act for ALL of those shows was a band called Jackyl. Prior to the first show, I was there to see Aerosmith, and since most opening bands are kind of crappy, I expected nothing from Jackyl.

JACKYL BLEW MY FREAKIN’ MIND! They were awesome! The lead singer, Jesse James Dupree, had an energy level that rivaled that of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. And he had extra hardware!

Jesse James Dupree… live show and, as you can see, there’s a blade on that there chainsaw!

Oh yeah… Jackyl does that song, “The Lumberjack” … this one:

“I ain’t jacked my lumber baby..

Since my chaaaaain saw yoooouuuuu!”

Them’s good lyrics!

They also have serious material in “Push Comes to Shove”…

“It is a hornet….. swarming around..

Your political correct world is incorrect, I’ve found..

An angry young man….. is what I became..

The day that you got full of yourself and now only you’re to blame…”

Here’s the video for it…. the song itself makes me wanna fight!

I think I like Jackyl because they’re crazy hillbillies (I can say that as I’m approximately 49.3% hillbilly) and fall into the hard rock/southern rock genres. They also work their asses off! They have set two Guinness world records; one for playing 100 concerts in 50 days, and one for performing 21 concerts in a 24-hour period.

Jackyl is still touring like crazy…. and I found out today they’re releasing a new single next week titled “Screwdriver”. I listened to the teaser on Amazon (F-YOU iTunes.. or anything Apple for that matter) and here’s a spoiler: Screwdriver is not about a hand tool or a drink… I’m looking forward to downloading the EP when it comes out..

I leave you with one of Jackyl’s best tunes ever… an ode to beautiful, horny women everywhere!

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