Sexy Saturday ~ Inked Edition

After last week’s on-site Sexy Saturday, I promised the return of boobs this week. Well, it was requested that I should focus more on the big picture; the entire body, when used as a canvas…

I think tattoos are quite sexy; done the right way, of course. So today I want to highlight some sexiness that involves body ink.

Naturally, Kat Von D tops the list..

She actually has way more ink than what I prefer… as does this young lady:

Have no fear, ladies, I’d put in a valiant effort to try to rub off some of your tattoos!

Some people get work done that just looks terrible in my opinion, like Megan Fox.

Oh…. you wanna see the tats?

I dunno… I just don’t find paragraphs appealing… looks like she was attacked by a typewriter, or someone with a big stamp!

That reminds me… not too long ago, I was attacked by someone wielding a HAZMAT stamp…

That was just temporary ink, so the assailant wasn’t harmed! I DO have permanent ink, however…

It appears as though we jumped off the sexy train for a bit there.. Sorry! Well let’s jump back on it… or on her:

Or her..

Or… for the ladies and non-traditional male readers…. Him:

Or him…

Or even him:

In closing, I had a conversation with my dreamgirl last night and this tattoo themed blog post came up. Apparently she has some ink… I did not have a clue that she had a tattoo, so she texted me a picture of hers…

Not the best lighting here… still shocked she has a tattoo, though.

During this conversation, I found out that our friend Lucy was there. Lucy has some big boobs that she’s used to get me to buy her drinks when we go out. It never fails because the boobs always win; so Lucy gets her drinks… I asked for them to send me a picture of Lucy’s boobs for this post and this is what they sent….

Y’all don’t follow directions very well…

So I had to go in search of Lucy’s boobs on facebook….

Who wouldn’t buy drinks for those?

Seriously, though, I like Lucy and it has nothing to do with her boobs! She’s a good person and a good friend to my dreamgirl. I have to look past the fact that she tries to set my dreamgirl up with dudes all the time but, I’m here and they’re there… makes it tough to compete…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

Love your children and hug them every day.

2 responses to “Sexy Saturday ~ Inked Edition

  1. Gillian Colbert

    I love ink when done right 😉

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