NHRA Update ~ Courtney Force Got Right There…. But Couldn’t Finish!

Sunday was an historic day for the National Hot Rod Association. Never, in the history of the sport, has a woman won a race in the Pro Stock division. But Erica Enders did it! She is one of only six women to compete at that level.

Erica’s 28… and has been drag racing for 20 years!

Winning in the NHRA is quite different than that NASCAR stuff I yap about all the time. In NASCAR, some 45-50 drivers qualify for each race and the top 43 make it in. The driver to lead the final lap wins. Simple.

In drag racing, twenty plus drivers qualify for sixteen positions. A driver has to win four rounds of racing to “win the race,” so when I say Erica won, she won the event! I’m happy for her!

As for Courtney Force yesterday, she won three of her races and got into the finals; only to have engine problems and lose to Jeff Arend. It would’ve been great to see her get her first win. She will….and I hope it happens next week at Norwalk…


That’s right folks, I’ve got four tickets to the 2012 NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals this week! My sister, her boyfriend and Alexis are goin’ with me! Unless Alexis changes her mind, which is quite possible.

It’s at the former Norwalk Raceway Park, which I’ve been goin’ to since I was sixteen.

I remember it like it was yesterday… My friends and I would go out there for High School Nationals, or Test & Tune Fridays and we had a blast! I had this ugly ass 1987 4-cylinder Mustang that I thought was cool! And the first time I went down the track in that car (with three women and the AC blasting) I think I ran a 20 second quarter mile…. mind you, at the time, the top teams covered the quarter mile in like 5 seconds! But it was awesome to “race” there!

Back then, Norwalk wasn’t involved with the big league, the NHRA, it was just a small local track. After I got married we’d go to Norwalk’s big event, Night Under Fire, in which they would feature some of the big names in drag racing… but it was all for show… no real competition. It was freakin’ awesome, though!

But Night Under Fire became tainted… My ex and I started going to Norwalk only with my buddy Jim and his wife April, packing nothing but burgers, brats and a tiny grill. Over a few years, my ex would invite more and more of her family and the crowd got too big. It got to the point where I was told what to bring, from a food standpoint, and that bothered me. Because watching racing was simply about enjoying the racing and eating, which only required finger foods, like burgers and brats…. not who’s bringing the potato salad or fruit salad…

Well… Norwalk is no longer small beans and is a regular stop for the NHRA. I’ll be there on Sunday for eliminations. I can’t wait…. I’ve already told my sister, Alicia, that she needs to be here Saturday night so we can leave early Sunday morning to get there when the gates open. I’ve gotta get a picture with Courtney Force!

Love your children and hug them every day!

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