Bored on the Fourth of July

Ha ha! I just made another reference to a movie starring Tom Cruise! Ugh… I should really stop doing that. Sorry Katie!

Seriously, I’m so bored today.. My girls are now with their Mom; I won’t see them ’til Tuesday. No… that’s not true, Alexis is going out to Norwalk with me on Sunday for the 2012 NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals!

Last night, my buddy Chad had a party. It was a blast, and interesting to say the least. But nothing’s going on today that I know of.

I turned on ESPN a little bit ago and today is a pretty slow sports day, unless you’re a tennis fan; so I watched some action from Wimbledon. I have a hard time understanding don’t understand how tennis is scored. I even Googled “tennis scoring” and am still clueless. I understand that Maria Sharapova has been eliminated…

…sorry girlfriend!

But my girl, Victoria Azarenka, is still in it. She’s a 22 year old phenom….

… and she cleans up nice…

Problem is… Victoria has a match against NFL running back Serena Williams tomorrow at noon EST….

I don’t believe that’s gonna be an easy match for Victoria… and I wish her well!

After the Wimbledon coverage ended, ESPN switched to a hot dog eating contest! Seriously, that’s a sport?? I argue with people all the time about whether or not NASCAR is a sport. But a hot dog eating contest? That’s basically a NASCAR race without the cars!

Some dude named Joey Chestnut at 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes to “win”. AND HE’S NOT FAT!

It’s waaaay sexier to watch women eat hot dogs!

I eat three hot dogs and gain twelve pounds. I don’t get it.

Anyway… I’m celebrating our nation’s 236th birthday alone, ‘cept for my puppy, my lizard (now named Mohawk… by Delana), and my fish. I have lots of beer and am preparing to make my gourmet hamburgers in a bit… so it’s not all bad.

I miss you, Diane…

Enjoy the holiday, folks!

Love your children and hug them every day!

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