In Memoriam ~ Scott Kalitta

My mind was distracted back on Jun 21st, as I was focused on heading out to Pennsylvania that weekend.

I forgot about something…

On June 21st of 2008, the racing community lost Scott Kalitta in a horrific qualifying accident.

See, at the same time I get all excited about going to watch drag racing, I fail to remember the dangers of the sport. The top two categories of NHRA drag racing, funny cars and top fuel dragsters, feature cars possessing some 8,000 horsepower. They launch at near 6 Gs. Shit happens… and drivers can die.

And Scott Kalitta did…

I won’t put the video of his crash on here… y’all can Google it.

What I will put here is what happened the following day. The qualifying run that claimed the life of Scott put him in the thirteenth position to race. He would have faced John Force Racing’s Robert Hight in the first round of eliminations. Because of Scott’s death, John Force Racing didn’t even need to put a car on the track to get the win for that round. But they did… They put a car on the track to honor and respect Scott Kalitta… watching Hight idle the car down the track while Kalitta’s team huddles at the start line just kills me…

That, my friends, is racing at its core.

Love your children and hug them every day!

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