Y’all Better Look Out for the 2012 Cleveland Browns

My name is Greg and I’m a Cleveland Browns fan. Every year, about this time, I have high hopes for my Brownies. Then the preseason happens; players suffer freak injures, damn near die of staph infections. And when the regular season starts it’s more of the same.

I truly believe that this season will be different. How is that even possible, you ask?

Here’s how…

See, I had this conversation with Brent at work today… Cleveland’s defense is highly underrated. They may end up giving up a long drive, resulting in a field goal. OR, they may force a three and out. After either scenario, the ball ended up in the tiny, inept hands of Colt McCoy. He would then hand the ball off to a strep throat suffering, spaghetti hamstring weakened Peyton Hillis; or throw errant passes all over the field. Three and out Cleveland…

The defense is still gassed from the previous series. Then they get burned on big plays. It’s a vicious cycle that I watch play out week after week.

Cleveland, in my opinion, made moves in this past April’s draft that will break that cycle.

The first move was drafting Trent Richardson at number three.

This kid is an absolute beast! If Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice were able to have a child together, that child would be Trent Richardson! Loogit this highlight reel if you don’t believe me:

And who will be handing the ball off to T-Rich? None other than the laser-rocket armed Brandon Weeden, the Browns second 1st round pick in April!

Weeden’s taller, heavier and has a much stronger arm than Colt… and if you look closely, he has normal sized hands, not those tiny infant hands that Colt has!

Here is the huge mystery in Cleveland. Who’s gonna catch the ball? Will it be Greg Little, who seemingly dropped more passes than were thrown to him? Will it be Mohamed Massaquoi, who still can’t tie his shoes after being nearly decapitated by Pittsburgh’s James Harrison? Or will it be fourth round pick Travis Benjamin?

My money’s on Benjamin!

Look him up… Seriously. He’s like Philly’s DeSean Jackson, but with more hair and less diva. Weeden and him will pair up and he will be a stud!

I’ll get more into our kick ass defense soon…

Hug your children and love them every day

2 responses to “Y’all Better Look Out for the 2012 Cleveland Browns

  1. I hope so buddy…..

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