In Which I Air my Dirty Laundry….

You don’t even want to know the contents of the nasty blog post I just wrote. To be honest, I’ve written twenty posts to you & about you and I swear I’ll never publish them. It’s therapy for me. Push too far and I’ll publish all of ’em! Just ask Dan Pelko pusscakes!

Instead, I will share with my audience, and you, my public apology.

I’m sorry for calling you white trash last week. That was uncalled for. Next time you wanna drink all day and then refuse to transport our daughter to and from her softball game, just ask! Most of the time I’m flexible and will accommodate you’re partying…

I’m sorry for getting angry last night because you told our 15 year old daughter she can get body piercings and a tattoo. Not sure what I was thinking there*! I apologize for losing it and don’t plan on sending you a sarcastic text again anytime soon!

Just remember: We’ve got three beautiful daughters and merely being a friend to them, instead of a parent, will be nothing less than devastating to them in the long run.

Our goal should be to take care of our girls… period.

* If you ever attempt to allow a medical procedure on one of my girls before they’re of age (i.e. tattoo or piercing), without my consent, you WILL end up in court!

Hug your children and love them every day

2 responses to “In Which I Air my Dirty Laundry….

  1. wow she sounds like a winner, what ever did you do to deserve someone so fabulous. ((shakes head)) (she probably never deserved you anyway :))

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