Another Late NASCAR Update! Week Twenty!

I’m pretty much mailing this one in. I had such an enjoyable weekend with my girls that NASCAR took a back seat. Saturday started with Brookie’s softball playoff game. THEY WON! Unfortunately, they were eliminated last night…

Then it became a shopping extravaganza! Alexis, her friend Tori, Brooke, Delana and myself headed for the mall…ugh, I hate the mall! We hit Dick’s Sporting Goods in search of a new soccer ball for Brooke (Delana got one too! She’s on her way now!), and a sports bra for Alexis. Then we were off to Hot Topic for concert shirts. I think it was ‘Pierce the Veil’ for Alexis and ‘Little Wayne’ for Brooke (she hates when I call him that… I hate that she likes him… no talent).

Then we had to go panty shopping for Alexis! I dunno why the girls thought that it was awkward that I went into Victoria’s Secret with them. Hell… I had to pay! And I’m gonna have to wash and fold your underwear anyway! K-Mart would’ve been much cheaper, but apparently Alexis has seen ‘Rainman’; so K-Mart sucks!

We wrapped up the afternoon with ice cream from Honey Hut. Good stuff! I’m amazed how messy the older ones were with their ice cream. I believe I only needed two napkins for 5-year old Delana; Alexis, Tori and Brooke needed like 40!

Oh yeah… NASCAR… They all raced at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

This joint:


Here’s a morbid New Hampshire track fact… Back on May 12th, 2000, Adam Petty lost his life while practicing there. He lost control of his car and slammed head first into the turn 3 wall… dying instantly. It was a very sad incident.

But the Petty family bothers me… I’m sure you’ve heard of Richard Petty, the biggest cheater in all of NASCAR (it’s true… look it up as I don’t have time). Well, Richard Petty has a son, Kyle, who was a terrible driver. Throughout his 30 year career, from 1979 to 2008, Kyle Petty won 8 races. That’s only 8 more races than I’ve won! In case you were wondering, I’m not a NASCAR driver… if I was, though, I’d have finished ahead of Kyle pretty much all the time! Unfortunately, Kyle Petty is now a commentator during the races…. He aggravates me because he sucks at commentating, just like he did at racing.

Well, the aforementioned Adam Petty was Kyle’s son. He was a very promising young race car driver. It was very sad to lose him…

I watched a few minutes of Saturday’s Nationwide Series race and what I saw had Danica Patrick up front. But apparently, she crashed AGAIN! Jesus, girl, you’re makin’ this racin’ thing look difficult! I watched the video and she clearly entered a turn too fast and got tight (ha ha, Danica Patrick was tight), pushed up into another car and lost it… netting herself a fourteenth place finish…
Austin Dillon qualified twelfth and finished third. Based on the last few weeks I’m wondering how his team cheated! Seriously…. they got caught twice in two weeks, so I have to assume this was a legitimate good race for Austin; they can’t still be cheatin’!
Brad Keselowski won the race, though he shouldn’t have. The always humorous, beer drinkin’ new father, Kevin Harvick, was leading the race when he got caught behind the car of Amber Cope who was down multiple laps… See, there’s this gentlemen’s agreement in NASCAR that is basically this: When you are laps down in the race, you get out of the way when the leaders come up behind you. GET OUT OF THE WAY! Amber did not do this. While she held up Harvick, Keselowski went by and got the win.
But look at Amber!

I don’t know which one is Amber and which one is her twin, Angela. It really doesn’t matter! Loogit that side boob! Both are butterfaces, however!

On Sunday, the girls and I went over my buddy Frank’s house to swim, so I didn’t watch the Sprint Cup race.
Dale Earnhardt started ninth and finished fourth. Kasey Kahne won the race. Woo hoo! I’m gonna have to start watching these races, but it’s so hard when it’s so nice outside!

Numbers after week twenty:

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
17 1 10 13 8.4 7.1


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
19 1 8 14 14.3 8.3

Danica… (not pictured… however, the former Bibi Jones is pictured. Sadly, Bibi retired from porn yesterday. Here’s a picture I took of her a few months ago)

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
17 0 0 1 13.6 19.9

The Sprint Cup series is off this weekend and will be racing in Indianapolis the following week. Danica and Austin are racing at Chicago this week.

The NHRA will be in Denver this weekend.

Stay tuned….

Hug your children and love them every day

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