Sexy Saturday ~ Video Vixens

Y’all remember Music Television, er MTV? Back in the day it was a cable channel that played music videos 24/7.

MTV debuted when I was 8 years old. I only knew about it from my friends at school as my parents didn’t have cable. If I remember correctly, the first video I saw on MTV was at my parents’ friends house. It was Money for Nothing by Dire Straits.

I was hooked! MTV was the coolest thing ever!

Eventually my folks broke down, got cable and MTV became an integral part of my life. I would watch it before school, after my homework was done and before bed. I had favorite videos that I would watch for. Ultimately, most of my favorite videos were of the rock bands I liked featuring hot women! My first video love? Tawny Kitaen of Whitesnake fame…

I was fourteen when that video came out. I remember imagining myself as David Coverdale; driving that Jaguar while Tawny teased me, just waiting for her to stick her tongue down my throat.

Turns out that Tawny is batshit crazy, so I’m happy that she never answered any of my fan mail.

Fast forward  a handful of years to Aerosmith’s first video vixen: Alicia Silverstone. Alicia debuted in Aerosmith’s kick ass video for Cryin’. Great tune, sexy girl, but not the video I wanna feature here.

In 1993, Aerosmith released the song and coinciding video Amazing… Back then, that tune had no meaning to me… since then, though,  it’s become a defining anthem for me…

… and Alicia was so hot!

Shit… Alicia ended up being batshit crazy too!

So Aerosmith mixed it up with Mila Kunis. Here’s Jaded

I love when she wears this top!

And here’s a boner bonus picture of Mila with Elisha Cuthbert!

Maaaake ooouuuut!

Aerosmith’s best video girl, by far, is none other than Jessica Biel! Grab on to something fellas and hang on tight! Here’s Fly Away From Here… (so many Aerosmith tunes have so much meaning to me… this is another)

Dear GOD I love that video! I took a poll of my dog and he agrees it’s awesome! I especially dig the silver/robot paint job Jess is sporting at the 2:41 mark. Oh what I wouldn’t give to apply and/or remove that paint!

More Jess….

Ahhhhh! She was chasin’ me!

She’s gonna be so mad that I put this up; she doesn’t know I was recording…

…but I was! Just like at the pool the other day…

And she doesn’t know I was taking pictures when we went out on the boat…

I’m sorry Jess! There’s a slim chance I won’t let this happen again! I also apologize because I can’t give you the Most Beautiful Woman in the World award. Diane holds that title!

Oh yeah… there’s one more video vixen I need to mention because she’s helped me with a couple causes I’ve supported. In this era in which MTV is more about ruining our society by providing programming about promiscuous douchebags, and not about music videos… Bands still make videos. One of the best of those recently is Gold Cobra by Limp Bizkit; featuring Jennifer Swift.

More pics!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks! Fun week comin’ up for my girls and I; An entire week with all of my favorite women!

Hug your children and love them every day

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