The Ghost Chili Debacle

Last year, my buddy Chad gave me bhut jolokia (ghost chile) seeds.

It was late in the season, but I planted them anyway and ended up with a pretty nice pepper plant. By fall, the plant had produced four chilies that weren’t yet mature. Due to cooling temperatures, I had to bring the plant inside the house (FYI… pepper plants are perennials and will live several years if brought indoors to escape the brutally cold Ohio winters) .

The four chilies had to mature under incandescent lighting. Once they appeared ripe, I plucked them off the plant, stuck ’em in a freezer bag and froze ’em!

Well, back in February, we had our annual chili cookoff at work. I removed one of the ghost chilies from the freezer and incorporated it into my recipe. I won the chili cookoff… prolly because of that pepper!

Now this year…. that same bhut jolokia plant has been outside since May. There are 28 chilies on it…one of which is ripe!

Here is my dilemma. Is this chili gonna be super hot because I picked it right off the plant and never froze it? What do I cook it with? I’m thinkin’ about makin’ a western-style omelette with it!

Any other recipe ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned….

Hug your children and love them every day

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