Very well said, my friend. I believe you just motivated me…

The Tactical Hermit

I have been writing articles on Active Shooter scenarios since this blog began. I have made it my mission to equip the average civilian with the tools and information needed to defeat these animals. My Civilian Operator course has specific modules so every day people can counter acts like these. In saying all that, when things like this happen, it pisses me off; It angers me to no end. More than that, It saddens me. I will admit, that day me and my wife as we watched the news and looked at the faces of the parents who had lost a child, or a wife who had lost a husband, we both wept. As I held my wife close, trying to console her fear, I told her “Everything gonna be OK” but something deep down in my heart knew that was a lie…because anomalies like James Holmes can strike out…

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