Sexy Saturday ~ Lingerie Edition

I’m on vacation. I wrote this on Friday but had it auto post now to make it look like I’m working.

The most beautiful woman I know is upstairs sleeping, and I’m on here searching for pictures of women in lingerie…This ain’t right!

Anyway, Thursday night, while we were enjoying taco night, I asked for a theme for today’s Sexy Saturday. The overwhelming response (from 8 women and me and Shane) was to do a lingerie post, though Shane wanted me to do a Shane post… not today, but stay tuned for that one, ladies (and alternative men)!

Anyway… here’s some lingerie on women…

Can’t forget my girl, Jennifer Swift…

And here’s the first Angelina Jolie sighting at forshiggles…

And another first…. Carmen Electra and her sparkly ass!

Ooooh! Salma Hayek!

Damn… I forgot about Alyssa Milaano…

I know this ain’t lingerie, but it’s more Alyssa Milano, so deal with it…

I’m done here for tonight… gotta go snuggle with that beautiful woman I mentioned earlier…

Before I go…. here’s one for the ladies and non-traditional male readers…It’s Shane!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

Hug your children and love them every day

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