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Guest Post by Jordan ~ To Write Love On Her Arms

I’ve told numerous people that if they want to tell a story, counter one of my views, have a better idea for Sexy Saturday or would just like to write about a subject that is dear to them; they’re more than welcome to use this platform. Jordan is the first to take me up on my offer.

I mentioned her in my post the other day; thanking her for chaperoning my daughter, Alexis, and six other kids (Shane…. I apologize, you’re no kid. RESPECT!) to the Vans Warped Tour in Columbia, Maryland. Again, Jordan, I thank you for your help on Tuesday. I can count on one hand the people who I would entrust with my daughter’s safety.

Here’s a little background on Jordan. I had been talking with Jordan’s Mom, Diane (yes, people, that Diane), in May of 2010. I received from Diane, possibly by mistake because I live 362 miles away, a Facebook invite to Jordan’s graduation party on June 5th of 2010. I went anyway, and thank God, because that trip changed my life.

Throughout the two plus years since that first meeting, I’ve gotten to know Jordan pretty well. She is a beautiful, humorous, caring, strong young woman who is larger than life; not unlike her Mom and sisters. She works hard, plays hard, laughs out loud and lives life to its fullest. My daughters love and respect her. I love and respect her. Hell…. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t view her in a positive light.

But… with a huge personality like Jordan’s, the lows can be as extreme as the highs. She’s currently struggling with some issues in her life, but facing them head on with a ferocity that would impress anyone. She’s gonna come out on top like a boss! I know it in my heart!

Jordan wanted to speak to those who may not know where to turn, or shy away from fighting their issues head on. Here’s Jordan in her own words:

In America, there are 18 million people diagnosed with depression. Depression is a disease that doesn’t segregate who it affects; it affects people of all different races, genders, ethnicities, etc. Without treatment, these cries for help are often silenced by suicide.

Many people don’t want to admit that they are sad, or even that they need help. They lean toward self-injury. These people are silently crying out for some way to resolve their pain, they are lost and in need of guidance.

But where do they go? They don’t want to look like the crazy person who hurts themselves; they don’t want to be judged any more than they already are…Then they find hope in organizations like this:

These organizations are to show that someone who is hurting is never alone.

To Write Love On Her Arms is an organization that promotes healing and seeking treatment before depression gets ahold of people’s lives. They are there to show that you are not the only person going through this, that there are others.

This year is the Fears Vs Dreams theme. TWLOHA sets up stands at music festivals, concerts, and just about anywhere to show that everyone has a fear that holds them back from a dream they want to live. They encourage you to write it down on papers that they supply to show the world what you are going through.

If you notice that someone is hurting, encourage them to seek help. There is help out there; depression is beatable with the right treatment. Before anyone loses someone because they thought there was no way out, there is. Let them know that they are not alone.

We here in Brunswick, Ohio love you Jordan, as do a lot of others! Thanks for coming here to forshiggles to lend a helping hand!

Hug your children and love them every day