Calm Down Browns Fans ~ Jimmy Haslam isn’t Dirty!

DAMN! I’m so excited to go to the 2012 Cleveland Browns’ training camp tomorrow! I was fired up even before the news broke that businessman Jimmy Haslam bought the team.

These recent developments, however, have turned up the intensity! I’ve watched his press conference and he impressed the hell out of me. It was well known that he had no intentions of moving the Browns. He made that clear at the beginning of the presser.

He came off very intelligent, likable and hungry! Hungry to win! He’s gonna bring back the winning ways of the old Browns. Oh you better, Jimmy… I’ve been waitin’ a long time for this! Don’t let me down, because I become a little bitch when that happens.

Ya know what else he’s gonna make sure returns? The old Browns/Steelers rivalry! Cleveland hasn’t been a rival to any team since they returned in ’99. I want that Cleveland/Pittsburgh rivalry back more than anything. I wanna see Jabaal Sheard destroy this rapist.

I wanna be able to pick on the Steelers fans I work with on Monday morning!

Unfortunately, there are some really stupid Browns fans out there. They’re all bent out of shape because Jimmy Haslam is a 12.5% owner of the Steelers and now he’s bought the Browns. Y’all don’t understand that the NFL is a business?

Haslam bought into the Steelers four years ago. Why? He wanted to get involved with the NFL. To be an NFL owner he had to be vetted. And he was; he became part of the owners club. Steelers ownership was merely a move to get a foot in the NFL door. As much as I hate Pittsburgh, I have to admit that the Rooney family runs a well oiled machine. This was a great experience for Mr. Haslam.

Going in, Haslam told the NFL that he was gonna do this partial ownership in an effort to potentially become a full owner some day. The league only needed to notify him when a team was available to purchase. When Jimmy Haslam found out the Browns were available, he was “fired up!”

None of this makes him “dirty” because he was involved with Pittsburgh! Hell… the Steelers were pretty much a stepping stone for Haslam to become the owner of one of the most storied teams in the NFL!

Keep your eyes peeled for my Browns training camp update!

Hug your children and love them every day

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