My In-depth Analysis of Brandon Weeden’s First Preseason Game ~ All is not Lost!

Calm down Browns fans! Brandon Weeden is going to be a very good QB for us. Just looking at last night’s numbers may make some less educated fans want to scream for Seneca Wallace to start.

In three possessions, Brandon went 3/9 for 62 yards with zero touchdowns and 1 pick. He wasn’t quite as stellar as Detroit’s starting QB, Matt Stafford, who went 4/7 for 51 yards with zero touchdowns and 1 pick.

Here are BW3’s three drives…


1st and 10 from CLE 28: Nice 12 yard pass to Mohamed Jah Massaquoi. Massaquoi is concussed on this play and is out for the game.

1st and 10 from CLE 40: Montario Hardesty runs left for 3 yards.

2nd and 7 from CLE 43: Weeden throws a beautiful sideline long ball to my boy, Travis Benjamin, for 34 yards.

1st and 10 from DET 23: Weeden throws it away on what appeared to be a screen pass to Hardesty, who was covered well.

2nd and 10 from DET 23: Rookie WR Josh Gordon DROPS what would’ve been an 8 yard pass.

3rd and 10 from DET 23: Rookie OL Mitchell Schwartz with a false start for a 5 yard penalty.

3rd and 15 from DET 28: UGH! Weeden is sacked and attempts to make it look like he was throwing a pass. Good acting on his part, but it’s ruled a fumble.


2ND DRIVE (after DET QB Stafford throws a pick, returned 25 yards by old man Sheldon Brown):

1st and 10 from CLE 39: RB Hardesty stuffed for a 1 yard loss.

2nd and 11 from CLE 38: Weeden to TE Jordan Cameron for a 16 yard gain. Nice pass and great yards after catch by Cameron.

1st and 10 from DET 46: RB Hardesty with a nice seven yard run off the left side.

2nd and 3 from DET 39: Weeden incomplete pass to WR Josh Gordon. This was a timing play and Gordon ran a horrible route. Unfortunately QB Weeden is charged with an incomplete pass.

3rd and 3 from DET 39: Weeden is flushed out of the pocket by Detroit’s QB killer Ndamukong Suh and throws it away.

This reminds me of the time Suh tried to decapitate this old dude we had playing QB…

At least Weeden knows when to throw the ball away!

4th and 3 from DET 39: PUNT!



1st and 10 from CLE 25: Screen pass to RB Hardesty… DROPPED. Weeden was pressured and the pass was a bit high, but Hardesty should’ve secured it for at least a 4-5 yard gain.

2nd and 10 from CLE 25: RB Hardesty off right tackle for a 7 yard gain.

3rd and 3 from CLE 32: Weeden passes short left to WR Greg Little… Little could’ve hauled it in but it’s stripped by DET for an interception that’s charged to Weeden.

That was the end of the game for Weeden.

My thoughts on Weeden:

Dude throws a nice ball and he has a strong arm! His accuracy is dead on, in that he puts the ball where only the receiver can get to it. He was plagued by drops by WR Gordon and RB Hardesty. Weeden is gonna kick some ass this year!

Cleveland “won” their first preseason game against Detroit 19-17. Wins in the preseason don’t matter, neither do losses!

Cleveland’s run defense looked weak, but only because some starters were benched last night. Most notable were DL Ahtyba Rubin, LB D’Qwell Jackson watching instead of tearing shit up!

I believe the 2012 edition of the Browns will win 8 to 10 games, but I’m a Browns fan so just ignore me.

Hug your children and love them every day

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