Sexy Saturday is Goin’ Down South!

Today’s edition of Sexy Saturday was inspired by a request from my friend Shane, the self proclaimed “Sweet piece of pie that everyone wants.” He wanted me to feature some southern beauties.

I’ll start off today with a submission for my female/non-traditional male readers. It’s SHANE!

There’s your spotlight, Shane…. Now lets get into the ladies!

Left or right? Hmmm…BOTH!

There’s just something about a woman who can handle a firearm… in her sports bra!

My job requires that I call construction companies all over the country. The young ladies from Georgia are, by far, the friendliest; I always imagine that they look like her:

That just reminded me…. Unfortunately, the young lady I’m speaking with more than likely resembles the woman at the end of this video.Y’all know this one, right?

Here’s one for you, Shane! Gainesville isn’t too far from you….

Since we’re (ahem) going down south today…. Let’s play guess the vagina! Any ideas??

Awwweeee yeeeaaaaahhhh! What is… Jessica Simpson’s vagina, Alex?

Let’s do one more, shall we? Who’s is this?

What is Nicole Scherzinger’s vagina?

Woo hoo! I know, I know. Nicole is from Hawaii, which isn’t southern. But I took these pictures last summer while we were in Miami, so I can put them in here.

Is Jamaica too far south?

If I ever disappear, don’t look for me in Jamaica. You’ll be wasting your time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

Hug your children and love them every day

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