Everyone Quit Bad Mouthing the Replacement NFL Officials!

Shannon Eastin… Will not be featured in Sexy Saturday.

As I’ve been watching the NFL preseason games,  a common theme has been scrutinizing the replacement officials.

They deserve some scrutiny, but to be treated like mindless idiots by the commentators is pushing it a bit too far. Yes, these men (and that one woman) are not nearly as good as the regular NFL officials. They basically got thrown into this maybe a month ago?

Coincidentally, the team of ex officials and players who train the regular refs has refused to train the replacement refs so they don’t hurt their relationship with the regular refs. That’s sort of wrong, in my opinion, but oh well.

The reason the NFL is using replacement officials is because the NFL is a bunch of wealthy jerks. Why?

This is probably the first and only time you’ll see me defend a union, because unions are evil. Yeah the regular NFL officials are unionized and they haven’t been able to reach an agreement with the NFL. It appears the union is only looking for a couple things that the NFL won’t agree on, thus holding up progress:

They want like a 7% pay increase and something about their benefits that I was too lazy to look up.

The NFL should just make things right with the union and bring back the regular officials. Jesus, they have the money with their big fancy TV contracts and $8 beers!

Because the replacement officials are mostly from smaller colleges, they’re not used to the speed of the NFL game. I’ve seen them make some real late calls and I’ve seen them make some real bad calls! None of this is that different than the regular officials.

I like normal… and I want normal back. That includes Ed Hochuli and  all of his experience!

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