Sexy Saturday ~ Australian Edition!

It seems like every week, now, I struggle to come up with a good theme for Sexy Saturday. This week was no different. I asked Alexis for ideas…. and right after I asked her, a commercial came on for a TV show I used to watch called ‘Fringe’. That gave me an idea!

Fringe is a whacked out show… really challenges the mind. My kind of stuff! The show features Anna Torv who, in my opinion, is a really hot actress who hails from Australia!

So let’s do Australia!

Here’s some Anna…

Pretty nice eyes, but…..

Ooooh! Loogit the nipple!

She shouldn’t be wearing thermals…

Oops! Caught me lookin’! HEY GIRL!!

Took this picture with my phone… came out alright!

Let’s move on to another Aussie bombshell, shall we? She’s from another TV show I used to watch; Without a Trace. She was born in Sydney as Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue. She lets me call her Poppy Montgomery! Well, everyone calls her that. Technically, she hasn’t responded to my emails in several years.

Poppy doesn’t like to wear tops!

Now…. CLAP!

She has a couple fantastic nude shots I took of her back in 2004… on the beach at Edgewater Park, but I don’t put full nudity on here. You’ll have to Google them yourself. I will say that, at least back then, she wasn’t waging a war on pubic hair. I think my efforts to get her to take care of the lawn may be what chased her away!

Oh well… her loss! And what’s with the blondes? I think 97% of my featured ladies are blonde, which shouldn’t be because me and blondes don’t play well. Wait…what? Poppy did this?

Maybe this is an attempt to get me to come back? Maybe my emails are going into her spam folder? Because I ran the her left forearm tattoo through Google translate and guess what it means? G-R-E-G-G! The extra ‘G’ is prolly an Australian thing! Call me, Poppy! 216-867-5309!

And here’s one for the ladies and men who like men! It’s me!

Ha ha! No that’s not me! I shave my head and don’t wear bracelets! I Googled “hot Australian dudes” and this came up… some guy named Chris Hemsworth.

Hoo boy! Gotta go! I’m sort of in the middle of Brookie’s soccer tournament! They won this morning’s game 3-0 over Strongsville. Next up? Lakewood!

One last thing…. nobody ever leaves me comments… but take a few seconds and give me some ideas for Sexy Saturday so I don’t have to think so hard!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, mates!

Hug your children and love them every day

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