Cleveland’s Local Media Needs Their Twitter Accounts Confiscated…

I could go on for 3,000+ words about national media and their agendas. Fox is too far right. CNN is off-the-deep-end left. MSNBC manipulates videos (Oh wait, they do). BLAH, BLAH BLAH!

It’s all horseshit!

The only way to become educated, especially in an election year, is to educate yourself. You have to check out all the news outlets and then determine your own view! Unfortunately, most people are too lazy to do that.

Hell, some people try to deter others from doing proper research and say, “Don’t go to Fox, it’s evil.” Idiots! I certainly don’t tell people not to check out CNN… or the NBC networks. Y’all need to be open minded! Otherwise you become the sheep that big media wants you to be.

But local media? HA! They’re the little kids of media! They just want to be the first to report stuff that isn’t even necessarily news! Combine their useless information with a twitter account and they have the power to piss me off rather quickly! It’s like someone gave my oldest daughter a press pass and said, “Hey Alexis, go to Browns camp and tweet about it.”

That happened yesterday!

No, Alexis didn’t get a press pass! A couple of the Browns reporters I follow on twitter, Tony Grossi and Mary Kay Cabot, had a simultaneous twittergasm that started about 9:00 yesterday morning and was still going as of last night.

Why the twittergasm?

At practice yesterday, Cleveland’s shut down cornerback, Joe Haden, tackled wide receiver Travis Benjamin after he caught a nice touchdown pass from future hall of fame quarterback Brandon Weeden. Browns coach Pat Shurmer got into it a little bit with Haden and told him to go into the locker room; his practice was done.

Why was Haden’s practice done?

Yesterday was the Browns final day of training camp and they were running drills in which tackling wasn’t allowed; to avoid injuries. Apparently, Haden had been warned before about being too rough in practice. He tackled Benjamin when he wasn’t allowed to and got in trouble for it. That’s what happens when you don’t listen to your boss! This wasn’t news!

But Tony and Mary Kay went all apeshit on twitter:

Haden kicked out of practice! Haden not injured! Haden looks mad! Holmgren followed Haden into the building! Shurmer used explectives! Does Mary Kay wear panties? Is Haden pissed becaused of a potential double secret Adderall drug test failure?

This went on for a few hours on twitter…. culminating with articles on ESPN Cleveland and The Plain Dealer by Grossi and Cabot, respectively.

Anyway… when the Browns took the field for their afternoon “walk-thru” practice in preparation for their preseason game this Friday against Philly, Mary Kay and Tony lit up twitter again!


Joe Haden back on the practice field! Joe Haden is smiling! Joe acting like nothing happened! Joe Haden working with his team!

OF COURSE EVERYTHING’S OKAY! He served his punishment, learned his lesson and moved on!

Don’t get me wrong…. I respect Tony and Mary Kay and enjoy their articles and some of their tweets… but gosh, settle down you two!

Tweet me back, girl!! @greg44212

Hug your children and love them every day

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