Politicians are All Asses ~ Just Like Today’s Edition of Sexy Saturday

All of the political commercials are driving me crazy. I can’t make it through 30 minutes of football without seeing 17 minutes of Obama’s ass. Biden is a bumbling ass! Obama distorts the truth; so does Romney.

YOUR GOAL should be to do your own research to determine that Romney/Ryan has better solutions for this country! WOO HOO! Take that libs!

Now on to some asses that are worth my time!

YAY Second Amendment!!

A post featuring female buttocks wouldn’t be complete without some jiggly Jessica Biel action..

… or a still shot!

Some men prefer an enormous ass, such as this one provided by Kim Kardashian…

The asshole on the left is Kanye West!

Perhaps this is a better picture of Kim..

Nah… too much! Besides, her sister Kourtney is WAY hotter!

I’ve always been a fan of Olivia Wilde; since I discovered her on that TV show, House…

…and we only went out a few times before she started to show her political side. Hoo boy is she a liberal nutjob! She is like the total opposite of Rush Limbaugh. In every single way! I had to dump her. Sorry Liv!

I know this is supposed to be an ass only post, but I couldn’t not post this next picture of Olivia. I guess I’m sort of like Obama in that I don’t always do what I say. ZING!

Her hotness cannot be denied! She just needs to not talk!

Here’s a shot of my neighbor that I’m giving swimming lessons to.

My other neighbor.. This is not voyeurism; she told me to take this picture. I was about 2 seconds to fast!

Oh… I almost forgot about Jessica Alba…

She does NOT know I took this pic, so please don’t tell her.

Now there is one ass that stands out above all others. It looks great in a dress, a bikini, or jeans and even sweatpants! And it’s not merely an ass that is nice to look at. It’s part of what most men would call the “total package.” A fantastic Mom, a great friend and a beautiful woman; inside and out! I have no pictures of her ass, however. This is the best I can do!

And for the ladies and men who like men? Some would describe this man as an ass. He’s actually a god! A God of Thunder!

As hard as I looked, I couldn’t find pictures of his ass. I’m not so sure I want to see that anyway!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you today’s birthday boy, Chaim Weitz of KISS!

Actually, he’s more commonly known as Gene Simmons… this guy!


Happy 63rd Birthday, man! See you at Blossom in 18 days!!

I’ll leave you with an amusing KISS video.. (You Make Me) Rock Hard… It starts off with some women’s asses mixed in with Paul Stanley’s ass. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference!

The girls and I are off to my company picnic! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

Hug your children and love them every day


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