Sexy Saturday – Country Singers Edition

Last week, the guys at work and I were talking about this new drama coming out next month called ‘Nashville’. The commercials for it are what caught our attention, as it stars the lovely & petite Hayden Panettieri. Hayden captivated audiences around the globe when she played a cheerleader in some movie several years ago. Unfortunately, I think she was under age back then so I won’t post those pictures here.

HOWEVA! She likes to get around in a bikini a lot lately so here’s some Hayden!

Trust me… She’s not angry in this picture this is her seductive look!

And so is this!

Ahhhh! The hand’s blocking the ass! C’mon Hayden!

Some elements of this picture delight and disturb me at the same time. Her ass is delightful, as is the underboob shot. But if you click on the picture for full resolution you’ll notice the disturbing part. She’s crawling towards the crotch of an unknown fella who is sporting a wedding band. Bad Hayden! Did he say “No” to her tongue?

I guess no one will ever know! Anyway, did you guys know that 5’2″ Hayden once dated 6’6″ boxing phenom Wladimir Klitschko?

My sources tell me they broke up because Hayden was starting to break in half!

Okay.. Back to ‘Nashville’. I pointed out to the guys the other star in that show ~ 45 year old Connie Britton, of Friday Night Lights fame!

Isn’t she so adorable? And she does the bikini thing quite nicely as well!

“Pffft! Hey Greg, I thought this post was about country singers and yet you’ve featured two actresses.” SHUT UP! The discussion about ‘Nashville’ is what prompted me to write about country singers.

My all time favorite hot country singer is Shania Twain, even though she’s a canuck!

But man, oh man, is she purdy!

How come her boobs look twice as big in the second picture as they do in the first? I really don’t care!

Another favorite of mine? Gretchen Wilson. She’s party girl hot!

I started looking up some stuff about Carrie Underwood and now I’m wondering if Shania should really top my list. Underwood is insanely hot and extremely talented.

Carrie also sports the bikini well!

Wanna know what’s messed up? When I looked up the above Carrie Underwood video on YouTube, the coinciding advertisement was pimping the latest Taylor Swift release. This:

Holy shit… I don’t think I can ever unhear or unsee that! Just incoherent drivel! Watch the Underwood video and then watch the Swift video. If you don’t agree with me about the HUGE gap in talent you’re like twelve years old!

A lot of Taylor’s songs are basically about lashing out at dudes she dated that dumped her. Maybe, Taylor, if you weren’t such an annoying, talentless psycho you could maintain a relationship!

You know the only reason Jon Mayer didn’t write a song in retaliation of your release of ‘Dear John’… reportedly written about his breakup with you? Because you’re unattractive…

… and his song would’ve been about a relationship with someone who was essentially a thirteen year old little boy, which is a big “No No” in the recording industry! You look like the lead singer of Hanson!

Other notables: Miranda Lambert!

This song and accompanying video concern me a bit. It’s basically about sluts and car thieves. The presence of Danica Patrick makes it that much worse.

Oh hey Kellie Pickler and your huge fake boobs!

Last but definitely not least LeAnn Rimes…

Here are a couple dudes for the ladies and men who like men. Toby Kieth for starters (this one’s for you Diane!)

This is undoubtedly my favorite Toby Keith tune, since I never pursued my dream of protecting my country… though many, many others have.

Shit… Diane you get TWO dudes here. I present the artist formerly known as Kid Rock…

… and the accompanying video.

Here’s one of my Mom’s favorites… Randy Travis.

DAMN it sucks that Randy Travis is such a wreck nowadays.. I hope he gets better… Dude was a fantastic songwriter and great performer. Here’s, in my opinion, one of his best tunes.

“It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you; It’s what you leave behind you when you go.” ~ Randy Travis

Enjoy the rest of your extended weekend, folks! Especially all you Bernhardt women! I love you all and miss you like crazy!

Hug your children and love them every day

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