Sexy Saturday ~ Some Women from The Office

WHOA! That headline makes it sound like I’m gonna post pictures of women that I work with.

No way! I’m certain that would get me in trouble and potentially make me another number to add to the actual 14.7% (HERE pg. 26) unemployment rate that Barack Obama has caused.

I’m talking about the hit comedy ‘The Office’! I used to watch The Office religiously, but I really don’t watch that much TV any more so I’ve sort of fallen out of the loop. I heard that this next season, beginning on September 20th, will be the final season. That’s a shame….

So here are some of my favorites. Mind you, these women don’t even compare to some of the women I’ve featured here on Sexy Saturday. But figure in a great sense of humor, which I find extremely sexy, and these women can hang with the sexiest of them.

Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly)…

Pam brings the funny, the cleavage and sometimes even the sexy…

Ellie Kemper (Erin Hannon)…

Erin. Sexy, funny & ditzy!

Rashida Jones (Karen Filippelli)…

WOW!!! Click for a full size cut-out version!

I dunno what’s going on with her navel, but I’d like a closer look!

Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin)…

Even plain, boring, rule abiding Angela cleans up pretty nice…

I don’t think I ever noticed Angela’s legs while watching The Office….

… but DAMN she has a nice pair!

Anyway, I have a fun-filled, busy day today, so I gotta go! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks and tomorrow….GO BROWNS!

Hug your children and love them every day

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