Monday Moanin’ ~ Week Two ~ Browns @ Bengals

A bunch of us watched the games yesterday at Chad’s Wide Right’s house. Wide Right is a Buffalo Bills fan, and if you’re a fan of football you’ll understand why I christened him with that nickname! I will say that Wide Right prepares fantastic food! His au jus meatball subs were freakin’ awesome! I couldn’t get enough of his habanero queso dip, and the hotdogs he prepared for what I’ll call ’round two’ were fantastic.  I think we all ate too much and I’m certain we drank too much! It all felt like a Super Bowl party… IN WEEK TWO! I think we’re gonna have a fun season watching football… whether our teams win or lose!

Anyway… The Browns went down to Cincinnati yesterday. I was pretty confident going in that we could pull off a win, though I had some concerns Saturday night.

I believe the O line did pretty decent. They did allow a couple sacks on Weeden, but he wasn’t pressured too bad all day. He had time to throw and he threw well. After last weeks vomit inducing performance that netted Weeden a 5.1 passer rating, QB1 came out looking good: 26/37 for 322 yards, 2 TDs and 0.0000 INTs. Passer rating: 114.9. HELL YEAH WE’RE GOIN’ TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!

I see no fear in these eyes, as I saw last week…


Just kidding!!! Though there are Browns fans out there that actually believe that… They’re dumb…

Trent Richardson was an absolute beast yesterday. He had a nice 32 yard TD run and an awesome 23 yard catch and run for a TD. I believe he’s healthy and strong. Just hope he stays that way; and he’ll be the stud RB I predicted. 

Our WRs were bett… Holy shit! We had a Greg Little sighting, and not one that involved a dropped pass! He caught the ball and he got into the endzone for a TD!

There’s a nice little finger tribute to the suspended Joe Haden, #23!

Y’all don’t know how excited we were! I still have ‘Little’ faith in the WR; he needs to get more consistent.

AND….. the oft concussed Mohamed Massaquoi was our leading receiver, with 5 catches for 90 yards! Did you know that his performance yesterday, from a yardage standpoint, was 23.4% of last year’s output? For the entire season!!! Let’s not get all concussed again and keep kicking ass, MoMass!!

Two things killed us the most yesterday; leading to our 34-27 loss.

Special Teams looked like dogshit… allowing an 81 yard punt return for a TD by WR Adam Jones…

SEVEN MISSED TACKLES on that punt return…

And our defensive backfield was weak with Joe Haden serving a suspension for taking Adderall. Bengals QB Andy Dalton tossed a 10 yard TD to A.J. Green, who I feared the most…. but he also had a 44 yard TD pass to some dude named Brandon Tate and a 50 YARDER to Andrew Hawkins….

… in which the defense looked like a bunch of statues… They were horrible!

Yesterday was a huge improvement for Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson and our offense overall after last weeks ineptitude. Our defense, however, took a step back. They gotta get their shit together before next week when the Bills come to town.

I watched a lot of the Bills trouncing of the Chiefs. Buffalo looks like a tough team. My confidence is at 0 right now… UGH!!


Hug your children and love them every day

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Week 1: Eagles 17 ~ Browns 16 – The sickly debut of Brandon Weeden

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