THIS JUST IN… The National Hot Rod Association is Becoming Un-American!

I’m gonna cut into this NHRA press release, because it’s bullshit. The Harley Davidsons on the circuit, driven (ridden?) by Eddie Krawiec and Andrew Hines are now being penalized because they just kick too much ass.

NHRA has announced changes to the Pro Stock Motorcycle category. For 2013, Harley-Davidson and Buell will both be allowed a maximum 160-cubic-inch displacement (cid) for a 60-degree, two-valve, pushrod engine. Minimum weight for both motorcycles will be set at 625 pounds. The four-valve Harley-Davidson engine combination will no longer be allowed.

Oh hey… Harley, just scrap what you got and build another engine…

Suzuki will still have a maximum of 107 cid for a two-valve engine. Minimum weight on the Suzuki will be 595 pounds. NHRA also will discontinue the four-valve option on the Suzuki motorcycle.

Harley’s gotta be 30 pounds heavier? BULLSHIT!

In the interim, NHRA announced a minimum weight increase of 10 pounds for Harley-Davidson competitors in the Pro Stock Motorcycle class.

Wait… I don’t get that… Eddie and Andrew need to gain 10 pounds? Or you’re just making the bikes even heavier than you did earlier this season?

The change will be in effect at this weekend’s 27th annual AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals at Texas Motorplex in Dallas. The new minimum weight for Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be 670 pounds.

Pretty soon you’re gonna have someone ride bitch on the Harleys just so the Japanese bikes can keep up!

“We have been working on a long-term solution for the Pro Stock Motorcycle class for the last several months,” said Glen Gray, NHRA vice president of technical operations. “Today’s announcement is part of our ongoing effort to provide great side-by-side racing for NHRA fans.”

FUCK YOU NHRA! You’re just gonna chase Harley out of competition so all we have to enjoy watch is the Japanese bikes racing…

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