Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow ~ Week Three ~ Bills @ Browns

My pregame thoughts:

Last week, the Bills embarrassed the Chiefs; as C.J Spiller tore shit up and ran like a madman! The week before, however, the Jets beat the snot out of the Bills. I have no clue which Bills team is coming to Cleveland tomorrow…

Here are my major concerns…

C.J. Spiller ~ Spiller only had 15 carries against the Chiefs; but for 123 yards and 2 TDs. The Chiefs suck balls, though, so I’m sort of confident the Brownies will be able to contain him…

Cleveland’s Defensive Backfield ~ I’m afraid if we stack the box to stop Spiller, we’ll become vulnerable to the big play action pass play…

Steve Johnson ~ Dude might just be wide open because of my above concern; and since Joe Haden is serving the second week of his four game suspension for rape fighting dogs getting arrested 9 times like Kenny Britt without a suspension taking Adderall.

Buffalo’s Defensive Line ~ Anchored by Mario Williams, the Bills’ D-Line is gonna give Cleveland quite a challenge.

Brandon Weeden ~ QB1 remains a concern, for me at least. He looked lost and scared in week 1, but bounced back pretty nicely in week 2. I hope week 2 Weeden shows up tomorrow!

The Browns Fans ~ Y’all are douchebags… QB2 is terrible! Lighten up and enjoy the game you idiots!

The Bills Fans ~ Y’all are douchebags… lighten up and enjoy the game you idiots! I’m a bit concerned about Chad Wide Right, Mike el Presidente, the other Mike That Loud Fucker and the other nine Bills fans going to the game tomorrow together… to tailgate… You Buffalo people are mouthy and obnoxious, just like us Browns fans! Problem is… you guys can’t just let it go! 71,000 people are gonna start the “AAAAsssshole, aaaaassshhole” chant and you’re gonna pick a fight with each and every one of ’em! Let it go, you chili-without-beans-eating whiners! You will lose and so will your Bills!


Hug your children and love them every day

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