Alexis went to Homecoming Last Night!

Yesterday was a little stressful for her, as she’s never gone to a major dance before. She was concerned about the the time frames… 11:00 appointment with Lauren…

… That lasted…

…. Almost…

… TWO HOURS! For hair & makeup! The dance didn’t start ’til 6:00 so she had a 5 hour wait to chill.

Lauren did a great job! She did, however, have a great ‘canvas’ to work with in Alexis…

…as Alexis is a beautiful young woman!

Now it was raining heavily yesterday, so we couldn’t get any pictures outside. Instead we went over to Tori’s to get a few shots inside…

Alexis and Tori.

Alexis and yours truly…

L to R… Delana, Alexis & Brookie

The sisters!

…And there’s Tori and her Mom.

After picture time, I gave Alexis a hug and said, “Have fun, be good!” THEN.. I gave Tori a hug and said the same thing. She either pooped her pants or threw up a little bit in her mouth. She’s clearly not used to huggers like myself!

The plan was for Tori’s Mom to drop off the girls… and I would pick them up at 9:30.

Picking up was freakin’ crazy! I get into the high school parking lot and there are like 37,000 kids… all moving in different directions. How I didn’t hit any of them is a small miracle. I found the girls I was responsible for; Alexis, Sonya and Tori, and got the heck out of there.

The girls had a great time, and for that I’m happy!

Next time, however, I won’t let the stress Alexis was experiencing leading up to the dance get to me! A stronger Dad always makes for a better time!

Hug your children and love them every day

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