My Take on the NFL Replacement Officials ~ Part Two!

Over a month ago I talked about the replacement officials that the National Football League actively sought out and hired, knowing that the collective bargaining agreement of their regular officials was set to expire.

I will continue to defend the replacements’ decision to go work for the NFL. That’s a freakin’ dream job!

I won’t defend their calls on the field, however, because they’ve been atrocious! They’ve been screwing things up since the preseason. It’s been a weekly issue since then with numerous missed and botched calls in pretty much every game. All of that ineptitude culminated last night… on Monday Night Football… between the Packers and Seahawks… You can go ahead and look up the final play of that game. I don’t want to watch it again and I definitely don’t want to dirty up my site by putting the video on here… Here are a couple of the bumbling officials at the final moment, though…

Terrible confusion, to say the least!

You all need to keep in mind that these officials answered a job posting. Then, when they got into the NFL, the regular trainers for NFL officials refused to train them, because of their relationship with the regular officials.

They were simply thrown to the wolves. As much as I think I know about football, I couldn’t do that job. And to anyone who thinks they can, and I hear a lot of people saying they can, that’s BULLSHIT! Y’all would be just as lost as me!

You guys need to stop being angry at the people who wanted jobs.

It’s difficult to be angry, for me at least, at the regular officials who have been locked out by the league. From what I’ve read, they want a 7% raise, a decent retirement plan and some health care… 120 of ’em… from a $9 BILLION A YEAR COMPANY! I don’t think they’re asking for too much.

Who is to blame, though? For a while there, I wanted to track down NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, and kick his ass.

But he’s not the one to blame….

It’s the freakin’ NFL owners, you fools! The team owners control everything! They voted Roger Goodell into power back in 2006! He’s their collective mouthpiece, and will be their scapegoat, if necessary.

Think about it… No owners, no teams. No teams, no NFL; no Goodell. He’s not as high on the food chain as you might think.

I just want this to get fixed, so all you owners better get on the job and make this right. I DON’T enjoy anyone fuckin’ me, and tens of millions of NFL fans, around.

I understand that football is just a game, but it’s a nice distraction from people fuckin’ me around in real life, ’cause that’s the shit that cuts the deepest.

Hug your children and love them every day

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