Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow Night ~ Week Four ~ Browns @ Ravens

My pregame thoughts:

Sunday night, the Ravens squeaked by the Patriots with a game winning field goal. In week one, however, they destroyed the Bengals who, by most accounts, appears to be a pretty good team.

Here are my major concerns…

Baltimore’s Ray Lewis ~ Dude’s 37 years old and has the motor of a 22 year old! He’s brilliant! He runs the Ravens’ defense like a well oiled machine. And Cleveland’s future Hall of Fame RB, Trent Richardson, had a little bit to say about Lewis:

It’s a mind-set thing with me, I’m not saying that Ray Lewis ain’t going to take me out, because when it comes down to it we’re going to have to see each other in the hole. And I love Uncle Ray to death and he’s going to bring me all the contact he can and beat me up in the hole, but why would you stand down in front of that?

Not to be cocky or talking mess, but if you’re an athlete or you’re a competitor, why would you stand down for anybody? I know Ray Lewis is going to come at me and I’m going to come right back at him. That’s just football. He knows what football’s about and I know what football’s about, we’ve been playing it for years. Both of us are going to give all we can.

Shit, Trent, you know Lewis has your quotes hanging up in his locker! I fear he’s gonna break your collarbone. But what if you light him up? Break his damn collarbone! That would make my night!

Also, Ray Lewis has a fancy little dance that I enjoy quite a bit:

Baltimore’s Ed Reed ~ Reed is a ball hawking safety who scares the hell out of me with Browns’ WRs Josh Gordon running terrible routes and Greg Little letting the ball doink off his helmet for anyone else to catch. Here’s Ed Reed:

…and here’s Grady Wilson from Sanford and Son (I saw the comparison on a website that I cannot remember):

Just sayin’….

Baltimore’s Ray Rice ~ Dude’s an awesome RB against good defenses. Running against Cleveland? Who experiences difficulties against the run? He could break records tomorrow night! Shit…

Baltimore’s Offense ~ That no-huddle shit they run is aggravating. If we can’t sub players out we might get burned. Bad. By…

Baltimore’s Torrey Smith ~ His brother died not too long before the Ravens’ Sunday night game. He had an awesome game. I expect him to be pretty fired up tomorrow night…

Browns Coach Shurmer ~ I believe you’re a lame duck coach. Get feisty and try to call some real plays to win this game. Involve Joshua Cribbs as a WR in the offense for more than one play… Run T-Rich at least 20 times. Spread the field with Weeden in the shotgun and 4 WRs (do we have 4 WRs?). Shit…

The Replacement Refs ~ From what I’m hearing, it sounds like the NFL will be reaching an agreement with their regular refs real soon. Tomorrow is your night to shine! And by ‘shine’ I mean don’t screw up. And if you do screw up, make sure it’s in the Browns’ favor. I’ll take a win any way we can get it!

EXCITING UPDATE: The league reached a tentative agreement with the regular officials!!! We’ll have the “official” officials tonight in Baltimore. Know what that means? The Browns will screw this one up all on their own! Here’s a humorous video I found:


Hug your children and love them every day

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