Sexy Saturday ~ Whatever Happened to Kate Upton?

Way, way, way too much on my mind right now, so this is merely a re-blog of my fourth ever and most popular Sexy Saturday! Kate Upton “bounced” on the scene with her huge breasts, funky sense of humor and lots of gyration several months ago. Since then she’s all but disappeared! I dunno what happened!

Come back, Kate! Please?

May 5th, 2012 ~Earlier this week, a video hit YouTube that featured Kate Upton doing the “Cat Daddy” dance (??). That video went viral, then YouTube yanked it because she gyrated a bit too much in 60 seconds than they were comfortable with. Then they put an age requirement on it… then they removed the age requirement.

So far, the video has averaged 800,000 hits a day. Why? Because Kate is hot. And funny.

Here’s the “controversial” video:

See…. Kate doesn’t appear anorexic like most Victoria’s Secret models do.

And I don’t just mean because she has beautiful gigantic breasts….

I mean Kate:

vs. her:

Victoria’s Secret “supermodel” Maryna Linchuk… eww!

or Kate:

vs. Alesandra Ambrosio

NO COMPARISON!! Yeah, in my opinion, the Victoria’s Secret ladies are a bit too thin. Eat some food ladies!

And here’s a bonus picture of Heather Kozar…. since she’s been driving a lot of traffic to my site:

2 responses to “Sexy Saturday ~ Whatever Happened to Kate Upton?

  1. amamzingly beautiful women, i love the female ass amazing

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