Week 31 NASCAR Update ~ Mailed in!

Because I’m brutally honest, I’ll admit I didn’t watch any racing this weekend. Saturday was a fun, busy day so I completely forgot about NASCAR. Yesterday? Well… football was on and I didn’t feel like switching back and forth.

Anyway, here’s the best I can do for a recap. Both series raced at Dover International Speedway. This joint:

If ya look closely you’ll notice a .625 mile track, Dover Downs, that features harness racing; inside the 1 mile oval used for NASCAR. In case you were wondering, the horses turn left too!

From what I can tell, it was a pretty boring race. Austin Dillon started 9th and finished 10th. Actually 7 of the top 10 starters finished in the top 10; that usually indicates a boring race featuring little passing.

On the surface, it appears that Danica Patrick passed a bunch of cars since she started 25th and finished 16th. Upon further review, however, 7 of the cars that started ahead of her had issues that either caused them not to finish, or finish multiple laps down. GO DANICA! Your tight little ass passes broken cars with ease! Anyway, she finished all 200 laps without crashing again, so that’s a win in her book!

Joey Logano ran away with the win after leading 184 of the 200 laps. His seventh win of the season, and most by any driver!

In yesterday’s Sprint Cup race, Dale Jr. finished 11th, two laps down, after a 25th place start. Whatever… he won’t win a championship this year..

Danica ran in yesterday’s race also and sucked. She started 38th (of 43) and finished 28th, 7 laps down (that’s seven miles back from the leaders!!). Again… 6 of the 10 cars she seemingly passed.. broke at some point during the race.

Eternal douchebag, Brad Keselowski, won the race. I love his driving but I can’t stand him

Awesome picture, with the American and checkered flags… and all the tire smoke from the burnout. At least his team is dumping Dodge and switching to Fords next year… Maybe I’ll dislike him a bit less!

Numbers after week 31:


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
28 2 14 22 8.2 7.5


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
29 1 10 18 14.9 10.0


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
28 0 0 2 15.5 20.1

Hug your children and love them every day

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