Sexy Saturday is Promoting Breast Awareness!

Oops! I meant breast cancer awareness. I’m not here to be an educator, so I won’t get into specifics except that breast cancer has the potential to destroy beautiful tits; and the women they’re attached to.

Not too long ago, a very dear friend of mine endured a breast cancer scare. Though everything turned out negative, her poor left boob was smashed, cut, punctured, bruised and swollen in the process. Thank God it was nothing…  

Early detection is key in beating breast cancer. If you ladies feel any sort of lump, no matter how insignificant it seems, ya gotta get it checked out. If you’d like, I can check it out too so you have multiple opinions. Even if you don’t feel a lump, I wouldn’t mind fondling your breasts for safe measures!

ANYWAY… In case you didn’t know, and you have to be living under a rock not to, October is breast cancer awareness month! All of my favorite sports are promoting awareness and contributing lots of money to research and treatment..

This includes the NFL…

…the NHRA…

… and NASCAR…

Thanks so much to these institutions for helping to protect breasts around the world!

Y’all protect ’em so I can look at ’em!

Whether they’re the small, tight perky ones like Olivia Wilde’s…

… or Kelly Brook’s humongous funbags…

Here’s a random pair I stumbled across…

Damn! I think I stared at that .gif for like 7 minutes straight! Whew! I think I want a redhead…

Sofia Vergara….

I filmed this way back when I had my F-150…

Can’t forget about Kate Upton!

Or, my girl, Jennifer Swift!

Ohhhh! Just thought of this.. One of my old favorites… Jennifer Aniston!

Well… I can keep this up forever, so I best be goin’! 

Remember, ladies, examine your girls as much as possible to catch any potential problems early…

And if you’re not up to the task…. ya know how to get a hold of me; I’ll check ’em out for you!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

Hug your children and love them every day

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