I’m All Pissed Off Because My Ex-Wife is Online Dating…

Let me elaborate on that a bit more… I couldn’t care less that my ex-wife is dating.  She deserves to be happy just like the rest of us. She’s plowed through a bunch of guys recently, with little success, and apparently each one of them is the problem.

Here’s what bothers me… a friend of mine who subscribes to a popular dating website stumbled across her online profile a little bit ago. If a dating website is gonna be the place for her to meet a man who’s into sociopaths, then God bless her, and GOD BLESS HIM! Not my friend… he knows her; he was just scrolling through.

He let me know that all three of my daughters were pictured on her dating profile. He sent me a screenshot and it made me sick. There are some really crazy people on those sites, and my daughters are right there in front of them.

Unfortunately, my ex and I haven’t been on speaking terms lately, and the last thing I’m gonna do is give her a call with online dating advice because somehow she’ll  twist it around and try to make it like I’m jealous. So I texted her:

ME: I just heard you have pictures of the girls on a dating website. You need to take them off there…

HER: You need to stop creeping on me.

UGH! Right off the bat, implying I’m checking her out. I’m not creeping on you. Brunswick ain’t that big of a city. People know us. But she ignores my concerns about our children.

ME: Duly noted. I wasn’t creeping on you. I was told you have pictures, of my daughters, on a dating website. I was just sent a screenshot. Not smart.

Oh man… I did see her profile in the screenshot. She is so lying about who she is. I have almost 15 years of experience with her…

HER: (this is verbatim from her text ~ pretty easily translated, however) Tell ur friends to drop.creeping on me. So what who cares…..stop being an Ass, and go drink ur beers…and talk to Diane, it will make u feel better to vent vent to her because I don’t give a shit what u think, I am no longer a part of your controlling life. Have a great night.

Now I’m pissed. Again… no mention at all about our kids pictures in a dating profile, or my concerns about the same. At least I’m an ass with a capital ‘A’, though technically I’m not being an ass; just wanna keep my children safe. So I try to be more clear and less Ass-y.

ME: It’s not smart to have your children pictured on a dating website. It’s dangerous, actually. There are crazy people on those sites. I’m just looking out for the girls.

I figured that was pretty clear and might get her to think a bit… but nope!

Her: I am sure you will right a post now… good for u.

Actually… I am righting writing a post about this. If you were more reasonable I wouldn’t right write smart ass posts about you. Prolly even say nice things about you, as the mother of my children, like I have in the past. Again, though, you ignore my concerns about the children. So now I’m gettin’ antsy…

ME: You don’t see the danger in having our female children on a site where a good percentage of crazy dudes are present?

HER: Post about it, u will feel better.

UGGHHHH! This is, again, a normal conversation with her lately… I’m trying to be rational… but she refuses. I’m pretty much done at this point ’cause I’m not getting through to her. And then…

HER: U no longer tell me what to do or how I do things. So please leave me alone. Go talk to Diane…if u need someone to be critical with, u can do it with her, because u don’t want to miss a thing…remember.

Apparently she reads this blog… very selectively… She skips over the posts where I brag about my girls or profess to fiercely protect them and reads the ones about Diane, even mentioning an Aerosmith song ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ that has a special meaning to me, because Diane LIVES 362 MILES AWAY! That’s really what you’re worried about?? Damn… but I continue to play the game…

ME: When my girls are pictured on a dating website… that’s a big deal. You haven’t addressed that; only insulted me.

HER: I have nothing to say to u, nor do I need to explain my self and what I do to u. So good night to you….good night sweet heart its time to go…and please tell your friends not to worry about what I do, and what I post…really none of their business, and I would never put the girls in any harm. And please do not text me anymore tonight. U have ur girls and if it makes u happy to fight with me so be it.

THANK GOD… she finally mentioned the girls; and not putting them in any harm. Hopefully, she follows through and removes their pictures from her dating profile.

Here’s an idea:

I may just make up a fake dating profile, with some hot sexy man pictures on it, and reach out to her via email. Really lay on the charm and work on her for a couple weeks… tell her everything she wants to hear, in the meantime figuring out her schedule with her children. Find out who watches ’em if she leaves the house; or if she leaves them alone. Then I’ll schedule a time to meet with her, a decent distance from where she lives. While she’s going to meet “Jason” I’ll go to her place and grab my girls… take ’em out for ice cream or something; let her know what I did.

Hey… mother of my children… If you follow my blog this closely, read the above paragraph… and think about how easily you could be tricked.

And now, more than ever, with all the crazies out there… remember, life is short…

Hug your children and love them every day

2 responses to “I’m All Pissed Off Because My Ex-Wife is Online Dating…

  1. Hahahaha! That picture is hilarious!

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