Mid-week NASCAR Update ~ Dale Jr. is Out of the Chase…

At the conclusion of last week’s race at Talladega, on the last turn, there was a multi car crash that took out most of the field, including Dale Earnhardt Jr. It was a pretty normal crash for Talladega, but Jr. was PISSED! He went on this rant following the mayhem:

And the entire interview (I highlighted some comments that caught my attention):

How would you define that race? It was just crazy at the end.

If this is what we did every week I wouldn’t be doing it I will just put it to you like that. If this is how we raced every week I would find another job.

What was that last lap like? Normally you guys are three wide, but this time you were four and five wide?

That is what the package is doing. It’s really not racing. I don’t know it’s a little disappointing how that all went down. That cost a lot of money right there. If this is how we are going to race and that is how we are going to continue to race and nothing is going to change I think NASCAR should build the cars. It would save us a lot of money.

You’ve raced a lot of crazy Talladegas; what makes this one different? You used to love racing here.

You just can’t get away from each other that good.

I know it sucks for you guys but for the fans it’s awesome to watch.

Really? It’s not safe. Wrecking like that is ridiculous. It’s blood-thirsty if that is what people want. It’s ridiculous.

What changes would you like to see?

The way we are going ain’t the right direction. There are plenty of engineers out there I’m just a driver. There are plenty of smart people out there that can figure something out where when one guy gets in trouble we don’t have 30 cars tore up at the expense of it. I mean it’s awesome in a word and everybody can get on the chip about it and get excited about all that which just happened, but for the longevity of the sport that ain’t healthy. I don’t care what anybody says for the good of the sport I mean it’s good for the here and now and it will get people talking today, but for the long run that is not going to help the sport the way that race ended and the way the racing is. It’s not going to be productive for years to come. I don’t even want to go to Daytona or Talladega next year, but I ain’t got much choice.

Okay, Dale, you just bitched about your job. You blasted NASCAR, which is ALWAYS a no-no. Then you had a little temper tantrum against the fans and what they supposedly want. And then another one against your boss, Rick Hendrick; by giving you no choice of where you race.

This happened on Sunday… THEN, this morning, my twitter lights up:

Dale Jr. not racing this Saturday at Charlotte and next Sunday at Kansas.

Wait, what?

Apparently, he was diagnosed with being generally less intelligent than a toddler a concussion yesterday.

I’m no doctor (though I do perform mammograms), but I noticed no concussion symptoms in the above video. He’s no different in that video than any of his other pre or post race interviews, Wrangler commercials and Nationwide Insurance commercials. He always sounds dumb, but this time he was pissed.

I believe NASCAR wanted him parked for freaking out. To come out and say that, however, would cause Jr. Nation (his dumb fans) to go absolutely apeshit.

So they used the concussion story. What does this mean for Jr.? He’s got no chance of making a run for the Sprint Cup Championship. He’s 11th in the standings, 51 points back from leader Brad Keselowski. Missing two of the final six races effectively ends his season.

Ouch. Dumbass!

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