Sexy Saturday ~ That ’70s Show Edition

Well there ya have it! Esquire magazine has named Milena Markovna Kunis 2012’s Sexiest Woman Alive! Known by all as Mila Kunis; known by me as Jackie from That ’70s Show.

I had a request to do a Sexy Saturday on Mila Kunis. That could be easily accomplished but the more I think of Mila Jackie, I also remember Laura Prepon Donna, Lisa Robin Kelly Laurie Forman and even Tanya Roberts Midge!

For starters, I didn’t know that the theme song for That ’70s Show, for all but the first season, was performed by Cheap Trick… Here’s a live version that’s pretty freakin’ good.

Anyway…. on to the sexy ladies..

Jackie Burkhart ~

Here she is all growed up!

If you click on this next picture, you can embiggen it to nearly life size…

…I highly recommend you do that right now!

This next one I took myself when I was hangin’ out at her place…

No… she told me to tell you all that nothing happened!

This one’s from when she stayed here. This is right before we went skinny dipping swimming at Hinckley Park.

Okay, lets move on to Donna Pinciotti ~

Holy shit! Did you guys know she looked like this??

Or this?? WOW!

Very nice!

Or how about Donna’s Mom, Midge?

Let’s go back a few years, shall we?

Yep! That’s Tanya Roberts Midge!

And so is this!

Here we have Lisa Robin Kelly Laurie Forman…

And a bit sexier here!

Whatever ya do, don’t Google “Lisa Robin Kelly mugshot.” You’ll be terrified by the images you’ll see. Apparently she’s a real trainwreck…

And if you just did that, maybe this will help you un-see what you just saw…

So there ya go… the sexy women of That ’70s Show! But what about the men from the show? Here’s some good stuff for all you ladies and men who like men.

Here are nine minutes of Red Forman… “FOOTS IN ASSES”

Here’s Kelso…

And Fez….

Oh… and in totally unrelated news, Kate Upton’s nipples! This is another one to click on to make as big as possible. I nearly knocked my monitor off the desk trying to rip off her top!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

Hug your children and love them every day

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