Week 33 NASCAR Update ~ Danica Finished and Dale Didn’t Start…

HUGE reality moment here, people… Prior to 2006, I watched a LOT of NASCAR. I’d watch most races in their entirety. Other, bigger, races (Daytona, Bristol, Talladega) would be marked on the calendar to have parties for.

My occupation changed all that.

From 1993 ’til 2006 I worked in the automotive industry; selling auto parts on a retail basis, selling tools to auto parts stores and, ultimately, selling auto parts to mechanics. Those guys were the Cletuses I mention. 97% of them were into some form of auto racing. I almost HAD to watch all the races so I knew  what was going on. That’s all the repair technicians talked about. If I could join in the conversation for a few minutes, I knew I could eventually segue into having them place an order for parts for the cars on the lifts. It was all another sales tool. Throughout that time, I became a Cletus.

Do you see how I stereotyped NASCAR fans by calling them Cletus? Cletus is, I assume, more of a southern name; at least that’s how it sounds! I just put the southern, good ole boys, hillbilly label on NASCAR fans. NASCAR isn’t only a deep south sport any more, and their fans aren’t “hillbillies”. Have you ever tailgated before a Browns game? Whew! At times I’d prefer NASCAR fans to party with.

Anyway, now that I’ve been working, for almost 7 years, at a job where 0.7% of my coworkers are into NASCAR and talking about racing isn’t an icebreaker with potential clients, I can’t get into racing as much. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a deep appreciation for the skills of the drivers, the ingenuity (Read: ability to find a way around the rulebook for performance advantages) of the teams and all the corporations that drop huge amounts of sponsorship dollars to make the sport “go ’round.” NASCAR, the teams, the sponsors and the drivers give tons back to the communities they’re involved with; probably more so than any other sport.

But writing about it every week is wearing me down. It’s become a chore. Ya know… cars goin’ ’round in circles and all. I don’t disagree with that statement now.

I’m gonna finish out the season, keeping tabs on Austin Dillon, Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr., as I set out to do back in February, but if I do this series next year, it will be heavily re-formatted.

On with your regularly scheduled post!

In case you’ve been under a rock the past couple weeks, let me be the first to let you know that October is breast cancer awareness month, or as I like to call it, breast awareness month. No… I’m not joking about it. And neither is NASCAR as they are doing their part to continue to raise awareness and money for treatment and research.

This past weekends action took place at Charlotte Motor Speedway, which received a pink start/finish line for the events…

The Nationwide Series race was ran Friday night…Austin Dillon had a great night, as usual, rolling off second and finishing sixth.

Danica? Well, she was there and she raced and she didn’t crash anyone, so need I say more? Actually she didn’t do too bad all night. She started eleventh and finished eleventh, ONLY ONE LAP DOWN. Good girl!

Joey Logano won AGAIN, his eighth win in 18 Nationwide starts. En route to the win, he led 6 times for a total of 62 laps. Not too shabby.. the kid can drive a car!

Alright… I think I’m on to something here…. Logano wins a lot of races and then poses with his steering wheel in his hand. Does NASCAR inspect the steering wheels? Does Joey NOT leave it in the car for a reason? Maybe his team found some sort of advantage where the clues are in the steering wheel!

The Sprint Cup series raced on Saturday and I did not watch it. I was hanging out with Frank The Mayor at his house Funtown. That Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is pretty good, by the way!

Sorry, back to racing… My dude, Carl Edwards, isn’t in The Chase and Dale Earnhardt didn’t couldn’t even race. I may have had a knee jerk reaction about Jr. I knew he had a bad crash at a tire test in Kansas several weeks ago. I never put it all together, though. Don’t blame me… these dudes are all top secret about everything.

Jr. had a press conference last Thursday in which he clarified things. Apparently he was sort of messed up after the crash at the Kansas tire test, headaches and all. Then he felt pretty good before last weekend’s race at Talladega; and the last lap crash happened in which he was possibly concussed again. That’s not good. So he was out of the car this past weekend and will miss next week at Kansas. I understand that. Just keep us informed, JR. and I won’t put you on blast!

Clint Bowyer won Saturday night… He led 29 laps, one of ’em being the final lap, which is the goal for any race car driver…

And the team goes crazy! Nice job, fellas!

Numbers after week 33:


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
29 2 14 23 8.0 7.4


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
30 1 10 18 14.8 10.3


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
29 0 0 2 15.3 19.8

Hug your children and love them every day

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