“Two snaps UP!” ~ Gaydar is REAL!

The next Presidential Debate is coming up in a few minutes between Mitt Romney and “Uh…Uh… Look! Bush’s fault”. I’m expecting the moderator, Candy Crowley (of the liberal CNN) to do her best to minimize Obama’s ineptness and somehow try to make Mitt falter after he absolutely destroyed Obama a couple weeks ago.

That way the liberal media can say, “WE HAVE A TIE!” and proclaim next Monday’s debate the big tiebreaker!

Tonight, I really hope they have a discussion about cutting spending abuse because that is key in turning the economy around. I know where they can start….

Earlier today, Senator Tom Coburn released “Waste Book 2012” which highlights the top 100 wasteful federal government spending programs. I recommend you check out the link and scroll through it. Most people won’t check it out because, well, it’s not information delivered to you by your favorite liberal media outlet.

Were I president, I’d eliminate everything listed…

This one (on pg. 43) was noteworthy, even though it was merely a $30,000 government spend supported by the National Science Foundation.. An excerpt:

With just a quick glance of a face, many people can accurately guess someone’s sexual orientation, according to researchers at the University of Washington and Cornell University.

Ohhh Cornell! I’ve been to Ithica, NY. Damn… I’ll never un-see what all I saw there.

As part of the experiment, facial images of men and women who had self-identified on Facebook as gay or straight were flashed for 50 milliseconds before college students, who then guessed the sexual orientation of the faces they were shown.

The faces were cropped to remove hairstyles and other potential cues.

Even when viewing such bare faces so briefly, participants demonstrated an ability to identify sexual orientation: overall, gaydar judgments were about 60 percent accurate, wrote the authors, noting “the effect is statistically significant — several times above the margin of error.”

“‘Gaydar,’” the authors described, “colloquially refers to the ability to accurately glean others’ sexual orientation from mere observation.”

They just said “gaydar”… TWICE? Holy shit…. you crazy potheads! This study is an absolute joke! Y’all got $30 grand from the feds for “research”, bought a bunch of weed, got all smoked up and perused Facebook to play a “gay vs. straight” game?

In a twist, study participants were shown the same faces, except the images were flipped upside-down.

Ha ha! You potheads crack me up! Upside down? Really?

The researchers still “found above-chance gaydar accuracy even when the faces were presented upside down,” but the “accuracy increased, however, when the faces were presented right side up.”

Well… DUH!

In what the researchers called a “novel finding,” there was a far greater accuracy guessing the sexual orientation of the faces of women (64 percent) than men (57 percent) in both experiments.

“Gaydar is indeed real and… its accuracy is driven by sensitivity to individual facial features,” the researchers wrote in the New York Times.

“In light of these findings, it is interesting to note the popular desire to learn to read faces like books,” the study authors concluded.

“Considering how challenging it is to read a book upside-down, it seems that we read faces better than we read books.”

It’s actually not difficult at all to read a book upside-down, though I don’t smoke weed…

“To some, the idea that it’s possible to perceive others’ sexual orientation from observation alone seems to imply prejudice,” the researcher noted, countering, “[W]e disagree.”

When so many people legitimately need help in this country, this excessive government spending needs to stop.

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