Jimmy’s Gonna Make Everything Alright Browns Fans!

I keep hearing the same thing from fans of those other AFC North teams: The Browns are rebuilding… once again…. HA HA!

Ya know what? HA HA you…Shut up! This is different!

How? Lemme explain…

It’s all about the owner. As shady as Al Lerner was in the whole deal that allowed Satan Art Modell to move the team to Baltimore, he was still a football fan. He “bought” the “new” Browns from the NFL and brought them back to Cleveland for the 1999 season. Unfortunately, Mr. Lerner passed away midway through the 2002 season; Cleveland’s only season in which they went to the playoffs since 1999.

Well, the ownership of the team transferred to Al’s son, Randy, upon his death. Randy wasn’t a football fan. He was more of a futbol fan.. and it showed. I’m not gonna get into all the issues we’ve had since Randy took ownership of the team, as that would take too long.  Randy also looked like a little doofus.

This guy would get pissed on in the Dawg Pound… by me!

Anyway… the sale of the Cleveland Browns to Jimmy Haslam III was unanimously approved by the NFL team owners yesterday and will be official next Thursday.

Haslam is freakin’ awesome, by the way! His rootin’ tootin’ press conferences impress the hell out of me; he says all the right things. He’s sat in the stands at games. He wants to make the Browns a winning organization again and I know he will.

Today was a huge day for my Brownies. Haslam introduced Cleveland’s new CEO, Joe Banner, this morning. Banner was with the Philadelphia Eagles organization for 18 years and became known as a contract guru who’s a tough negotiator. He sounded great in this morning’s press conference.

And then, Condoleezza Rice and soon to be Vice President Paul Ryan stopped in to check out practice today!

Condi has been a Browns fan for a long time…

…and Paul Ryan is, well, campaigning. I heard that he was talking about Brandon Weeden while pointing at Colt McCoy. I’m not sure how anyone can confuse Weeden and McCoy. Weeden looks like an NFL QB and McCoy isn’t much bigger than my 12 year old daughter.

Paul Ryan does know who future Hall of Fame LT Joe Thomas is, however…

I just hope this week hasn’t become a distraction to the team, as feared by my buddy Brent The Voice. I think we have a good shot at beating the Colts Sunday.

More on that later…

Hug your children and love them every day

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