Monday Moanin’ ~ Week Seven ~ Browns 13 @ Indy 17!

Dammit…. I really thought we had a chance yesterday… Actually we were in it for the entire game, we just had some glaring issues that allowed Indy to win.

First of all, our defense as a whole… No very little pass rush on Indy’s rookie QB Andrew Luck? He looked like an all-pro at times, especially their first couple drives. Pressure the kid and he’s gonna make some mistakes. C’mon!

Our defensive backs are giving up way too much… It’s really the scheme, however, as they run a lot of that cover 2 zone shit, allowing receivers to get open behind the linebackers… This needs to be fixed!

Branden Weeden looked really good again. He threw 25/41, 2 TDs and no picks! That was his third straight game with t TDs… He’s really coming along.

In our first drive, he took the Browns down the field 87 yards, capped off by a TD pass to … Holy shit!

Greg fucking Little. I was shocked; I forgot he was on the team after being nearly invisible the previous couple weeks. Trust me, he tried not to catch it at first as it bounced off his hands, but he pulled it in with a nice second effort. Woo hoo! We’re tying this game up at 7!

Then Reggie Hodges screws up the hold on the point after attempt…

… so the point after is aborted. Now we’re down 7-6. Stupid special teams!

Oh, speaking of special teams, I’ve got a beef with you Ray Ventrone. Prior to our first possession, Cribbs ran the kickoff out to our 28 yard line, but you had to hold and get us backed up to the 10. Luckily Weeden marched us down the field for the score.

Prior to our second possession, Cribbs ran the kickoff out to our 40 yard line, and you held again, backing us up to the 14. We ended up punting… Your only job is special teams, man. Quit screwing it up!

If I show up at Shinto and see you at the sushi bar, I’m kickin’ your Tarzan lookin’ ass!

Then, at the end of the 3rd quarter, Cribbs runs a punt back to our 33 yard line, only to have it called back to the 16 because some dude named Tank Carder made an illegal block. Tank? Really? I looked you up, Tank… You’re a Ricky! Tank sounds way tougher! Just keep your head on a swivel if you’re in the Brunswick/Strongsville area.

If you weren’t keeping up at home, the above three penalties cost the Browns a total of 61 yards in field position. That’s huge in a game that can come down to inches!

Ohhhh! And the running game. I realize that Trent Richardson had sore ribs entering the game, but he gets benched after 8 carries?

And coach Shurmer said it was because he wasn’t effective. Well, you only gave him 8 chances to be effective before you pulled him coach! A good NFL running back needs 20 carries to develop a rhythm. I understand that Richardson’s ribs may have been the issue. So you yank him midway through the second quarter and only hand the ball to Montario Hardesty 7 times? And Chris Ogbonnaya once?  For the rest of the game?

Do you understand the game of football and the need to establish the run in order to pass the ball? Have you ever watched football?

Apparently you haven’t! OPEN YOUR EYES MORON! Any 16 year old kid with the latest edition of Madden could call plays better than you! Man… I wish you would just get fired! You’re such a douchebag… I would do almost anything to have your job!

Did you guys know the Browns run the ball only 35% of the time? Yeah… as good as Weeden is as a QB, he’s forced to throw the ball 65%… as a rookie… to somewhat shitty recievers. All while Trent Richardson and Montario Hardesty are sitting on the bench.

I looked it up… All the division leading teams in the NFL average a 44%/56% run to pass ratio. Cleveland is not balanced. There needs to be balance to do well in the NFL!


Here’s a little moron more on play calling by the coach. On 3rd and 1 you have Weeden throw a bomb to Josh Gordon that unfortunately gets dropped…

… and on the next play you plan to go for it, only to punt after a timeout. You have zero faith in your team you knucklehead. You suck, coach!

I truly believe we’d be 4-3 with any halfway decent coach running this team.

But yet we’re 1-6 because Pat Shurmer is not that bright.

On Sunday, the struggling Chargers come to town. It’s difficult to be optimistic knowing Shurmer will be coaching.

Oh well…. GO BROWNS!

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