It Takes Two to Tango

I talked before about my old neighbors and essentially blamed them for all the issues they have with my ex-wife and my girlies.

Well, I have to revisit this because it got thrown in my face when I picked up the girls today at their mom’s.

See… her neighbors make no effort to get along with her and my girls; in fact they intentionally mess with them to cause problems. HOWEVAH, she’s no different than they are; dirty looks, swearing, calling the cops for no concrete reason other than to point fingers, etc. I think she encourages my girls to be disrespectful to them. I know she doesn’t discourage them from being disrespectful.

So what happens when crazy lives next door to crazy?

They fight over leaves and buckeyes! Just like toddlers would!

What do you mean by leaves and buckeyes, Greg? Well let me explain…

Both parties have trees. Those trees have leaves that fall off this time of year! My ex has a buckeye tree that sheds buckeyes in addition to leaves. No big deal, it’s nature!

Well… all of this is a major issue if you’re crazy. Her neighbors (and this is only the neighbors on the west side; the east neighbors are cool) get pissed because of the buckeyes and the leaves getting in their yard. They are babies!

Now, when I lived there I would actually rake about 8 feet into the neighbors yard to get the buckeye leaves and I’d definitely pick up all the buckeyes in their yard. I was just being a friendly neighbor.

Apparently, the ex doesn’t do that, so neighbor guy blows the leaves back into her yard and throws the buckeyes back too. I know, it’s asinine… but she gets all pissed and screams and swears at him.

Why? What’s the point? Why create unnecessary stress? Just clean up your stuff! FORCE a smile to the neighbor! Kill him with kindness… that’s what I did! Myself and that guy and his sister wife didn’t like each other, but at least we were respectful, even if it was forced.

Now my girls take their mom’s example. Heck, when I was picking them up today, she was calling the neighbor an asshole IN FRONT OF MY SWEET LITTLE 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER! What is she learning from her mom? JESUS!

Let’s be mature… at least in front of your children!

Okay… I’m done bitchin’! Sorry folks!

~ G

Hug your children and love them every day

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