Monday Moanin’ ~ Week Eight ~ Browns Win! 7 ~ 6 over San Diego!

WOW! What a game! Coach Shurmer must have read forshiggles on Saturday and did his best to prove me wrong.!

Realistically, though, he was forced to call more running plays this week due to the crappy weather. This strategy clearly paid off as Trent Richardson was an absolute beast, running for 122 yards on 24 carries! Our offensive line did a hell of a job run blocking as Trent had some nice runs up the middle. His 26 yard TD run was both awesome and hilarious as OL Shawn Lauvao seemed to pull him up mid stumble and push him towards the endzone.

Ya might have to click the GIF below to see it go, go go!

One thing to make note of moving forward, coach… pitch the ball to T-Rich more often, he had some great runs on pitches.

Chill out on the trick plays too… that reverse on 2nd and 4 was a stupid call. Of course, had it worked I’d be praising you, but it didn’t so you’re still a nitwit.

Again, Brandon Weeden looked freakin’ awesome! His numbers don’t show it, as there were four or five drops; but it was a shitty day to throw the ball. He rolls out of the pocket nicely and throws on the rollout like a boss! He showed some real athleticism yesterday! He also smartly gets rid of the ball instead of forcing it into coverage.

The defense played their nuts off… I believe that was the difference in this game! They kept the Chargers out of the endzone with some nice plays. I feared Antonio Gates would have a great day, but TJ Ward pretty much shut him down, allowing only a couple of catches.

Ward also blasted through to stop a 4th and 1 run by Jackie Battle on San Diego’s first drive… It was a hell of a game overall for Ward!

Joe Haden pretty much shut Malcolm Floyd down.

Rookie LB Linebacker James-Michael Johnson forced a fumble that was recovered by rookie DL Billy Wynn!

Buster Skrine, who seems to screw up a lot, knocked down Philip Rivers’ 4th and 10 desperation pass on the final real play of the game.

After the win, legendary Browns RB Jim Brown visited the team in the locker room and spent a few minutes with Trent Richardson. Even though these two got off to a rocky start, I bet they’re gonna become good friends, and fans of each other!

And the team awarded new owner, rootin’ tootin’ Jimmy Haslam III with a game ball, since it was his first win as owner..

I think I’m startin’ to see a light at the end of this tunnel….


T-Rich GIF via Deadspin.

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2 responses to “Monday Moanin’ ~ Week Eight ~ Browns Win! 7 ~ 6 over San Diego!

  1. jumpingpolarbear

    Defence wins games!

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