Election Fun Via Social Networking!

Well there ya have it! President Obama was re-elected! YAY! Now we can look forward to four more years of angry finger pointing, failure to make progress with Congress, increasing unemployment, increasing entitlements, beating up job creators, excessive rounds of golf and bowing down to world leaders. I could go on but I won’t.

Speaking of world leaders, one huge issue that was largely ignored was foreign policy. Watch this trailer for the upcoming ‘Red Dawn’ remake, but substitute Russia and China for the North Koreans:

If our government stays on the same foreign policy path they’ve been on the last four years, ‘Red Dawn’ will happen. I guarantee it…

Anyway, the last couple days I saw some interesting stuff on Facebook and twitter. Okay maybe it wasn’t interesting but, instead, bat shit crazy! Take a lookie!

The same guy who said this:


Also said this [sic erat scriptum, of course]:

i love how ppl say everyone who voted for obama doesnt work…

Actually a lot of Obama supporters enjoy the entitlements. Unemployment and food stamp usage have both increased at terrifying rates since he moved into the White House.

well i bust my ass for a living and romney doesnt support unions.

Did you know that A LOT of people aren’t under the spell of unions? They bust their asses at work too! I’m one of those people! Don’t get me wrong, there are union workers who bust their asses too! Just like you! Romney is a successful businessman. When faced with cutting spending a smart businessman is gonna look at the inflated costs involved with working with union companies! Have no fear… unions aren’t going anywhere.

so before u go sayin we dont work get the facts striaght. there are some that dont work but really who is working out of republicans they hire ppl to do everything.

Republicans hire ppl people to do everything? WHOA! Are you kidding me? You just chastised people for hiring people? That’s job creation! Oh yeah, democrats hire people too!

support the working men and women for a change. half the ppl i kno voted for romney and none of them could even afford what he would do to us.

What the hell was Romney gonna “do to us”? Which commercial or internet meme did you fall for?

Here was another good one:

Offering access to birth control is the best way to reduce abortions!!

??? Oh I’ve got an analogy for you! Offering access to weight loss pills is the best way to reduce liposuction!!! OR… Offering access to cars is the best way to reduce airplane crashes!!! That’s just stupid logic!

WHAT THE FUCK? If ya don’t wanna get pregnant, don’t have sex! If you absolutely have to have sex, go buy some birth control! My tax dollars shouldn’t provide a safety net for you to be irresponsible! I know, the promiscuous ones always say, “It’s cheaper to provide free birth control than to raise a baby in the system.” That is true but, dammit, you made your bed now lay in it! Have the baby and give it up for adoption instead of killing it (or as Planned Parenthood calls it, removing the tissue after fetal demise)! There are a lot of people out there who would love to adopt a child!

There were also smart people on Facebook; my buddy, Tim:

Just a couple thoughts for the newly re-elected…

Dear Mr. President,

First… Congrats, even though I didn’t vote for you.

Second… This economy is sh!t! …fix it! We import more than we export… World economy my a$$!

Bring back manufacturing to this country! \m/

Third… We need jobs here on US soil! Why are we allowing companies to outsource off shore?!?!

This bothers me to no end… And I’ll just use American car manufacturers as one example.They shut down plants HERE and have their stuff assembled in Canada and Mexico. WHY? Because the freakin’ American unions drive up the costs per vehicle. It’s cheaper to outsource it.

Fourth… Secure our borders and quit policing the world.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m sorry Israel.. take care of yourself. We gotta quit being the big bullies on the block and take care of our own first! Sorry Saudis! Iraq and Afghanistan: if it takes more than, say, eight weeks for American soldiers to train you as military, you don’t make the cut!

Speaking of our borders, did y’all know a Russian attack sub was on our east coast a couple weeks ago, clearly messing with us? Look it up! (hint: it’s not on CNN, NBC or ABC)

Lastly, but most importantly… Screw the U.N. …the second amendment stays the way it was written.

Yes! The U.N. shouldn’t be dictating anything to us, especially our options for protecting ourselves. I believe we should be out of the U.N. altogether, but that’s just me!

Here’s some Motley Crue jackassery…

Tommy Lee (one of my favorite drummers, by the way):

 Sooooo happy that fucking idiot didn’t win! Looks like I won’t be on the 11pm news tonight! Thank the baby Jesus!

Why ya gotta be like that? I understand you’re crazy and infected with who knows what from Pamela Anderson years ago, but why the name calling?

At least Nikki isn’t a douchebag…

Nikki Sixx:

I don’t care WHO you VOTE for, just fucking do it. The power is in OUR HANDS. 

One last douche before I get outta here!

Beyonce… known mostly for being a great singer and sex symbol…

Her dumb ass tweeted this picture to Mitt Romney supporters when the election was called…

Screw you, Bouncy… I hope you twist your ankle during your Super Bowl performance.
~ G

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