NASCAR Update ~ NASCAR is a Stupid Organization!

Yes… they sit on the hillside to watch the race!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that my NASCAR updates stopped about a month ago. There were a few reasons for that.

I felt there was no need to follow Danica Patrick any more because she’s just a terrible race car driver.

After Dale Jr. was parked for two weeks with concussions, his chances of winning the championship were scrapped.

Austin Dillon has a shot at the Nationwide Series Championship next Saturday; but it’ll be a long shot as he pretty much needs to win, while the two guys ahead of him in points need to finish in the bottom half of the field.

Also… It’s midway through the NFL season. When there are good football Browns games on, that is where I devote all of my attention.

What prompted me to watch some racing yesterday was the final 3 laps of the Sprint Cup race from Phoenix. My twitter lit up about an accident and a big fight, so I checked out the DVR and it was quite a rumble between the teams of Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon. What the hell happened?

So I rewound it.. Bowyer and Gordon were racing for 5th and 6th positions, respectively, when Bowyer slid up into Gordon, making light contact. No big deal as the track was slick all day. Well, Gordon thought it was a big deal and made a move to tap Bowyer’s rear quarter to wreck him… It didn’t work. Instead, Gordon lost control of the car and smacked the wall.

Here’s why I call NASCAR stupid… when Gordon smacked the wall, debris flew off his car. Throw a caution flag NASCAR! There’s crap on the track! But they didn’t. They let things continue. Gordon actually slowed and waited for Bowyer to come back around. As Bowyer approached, knowing that Gordon had radioed that he was gonna go after him, he chose a line below Gordon. Gordon wrecked him. Bad.

The worst part if it all? Bowyer had a shot at the championship, had he finished in fifth yesterday. It would’ve been a long shot, but at least he’d have a chance on Sunday. Instead, four time champion, Jeff Gordon took him out of contention.

Gordon should be parked Sunday… but that ain’t gonna happen. I just saw that he was fined $100,000 and 25 points by NASCAR for intentionally wrecking Bowyer. I guess that’s alright. It still doesn’t help Bowyer…

So no wonder a brawl ensued and Bowyer’s team tried to kick the shit out of Gordon’s team after the crash. I don’t condone violence, but when the stakes are that high.. I understand their frustration. Hell, that wreck damn near took out the new points leader, Brad Keselowski… Here’s what he had to say after the race:

Well, it’s the double standard that I spent a whole week being bashed by a half a dozen drivers about racing hard at Texas and how I’m out of control and have a death wish, and then I see bullshit like that. That’s fucking bullshit. That’s all you can call that. These guys just tried to kill each other. You race hard and I get called an asshole for racing hard and called with a death wish, and I see shit like that, and it just pisses me off. I’m not yelling at you, Dave, but it’s just fucking ridiculous, and they should be ashamed. It’s embarrassing.

Damn right, Brad! A four time champ wrecking a potential first time champ because of normal race contact. And all this after NASCAR is pushing even more safety with respect to concussions…

But the race was set to continue with what is called a green-white-checkered finish. That means they take the green flag, go one lap, take the white flag (once the white flag is flown, regardless of crashes, the race is over) and head for the checkers…

The field took the green flag and it was on! On the final turn just before race leader Kevin Harvick took the white flag, Danica Patrick got wrecked. More NASCAR stupidity, as they should’ve thrown the caution flag and set up to attempt another green-white-checker. But, again, they didn’t! Patrick’s car sat on the track leaking fluids all over it. She got out of the way, low on the track, while spewing water all over.

Well, the field hit the turn where she crashed and, upon hitting the fluids on the track another wreck happened, taking out several more cars.


Why isn’t NASCAR throwing caution flags when they clearly should? They exposed more drivers to danger! Unbelievable!

Grr… I’m gonna watch the action next week, but I’m really pissed at NASCAR right now.

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