Hi-fi Friday ~ Peter Gabriel

A week ago today, Peter Gabriel’s father passed away at 100 years old. He wrote this song for him. It’s quite beautiful…

Well that one makes me miss my Dad…

I had no clue who Peter Gabriel was until his video for ‘Sledgehammer’ was played, seemingly, every fifteen minutes on MTV. I really liked it and I believe I watched that video, start to finish, every time it was aired. Dude’s stuff was funky, different!

I did the same thing back in 1986 as I do now when I “discover” a new artist; went out in search of older material. Well, it turned out this Peter Gabriel dude was around for quite some time before ‘Sledgehammer’. See, ‘Sledgehammer’ was off of ‘So’, Gabriel’s 5th solo studio album since 1977. Why do I say solo album? Well, prior to going solo, he was in some band called Genesis as the lead vocalist. He was one of the founding members, actually.

That really wasn’t a knock on Genesis… seriously. I was never a huge fan of them, however. I mean, really, go look up ‘Invisible Touch’ on YouTube… it’s not that bad… <vomits on keyboard>


Over time, I was able to collect the previous four Gabriel studio albums, all of which had some truly amazing songs with varying degrees of that funky sound.

Years later I figured out what that “funky sound” was. It’s called world music. There’s really not a good, solid definition for world music. It can best be described as a classification of music that combines Western popular music styles with one of many genres of non-Western music that are also described as folk music or ethnic music.

This can best be illustrated by the following live version of ‘In Your Eyes’ off of the aforementioned ‘So’ album. I know… most of you know this tune from that movie ‘Say Anything’.. the boombox scene…

This here is a totally different song, if you ask me…

Freakin’ awesome, no?

I went to see Peter Gabriel back in 1993 for his ‘Secret World Live’ tour at the old Richfield Coliseum. This joint:

Though the coliseum is gone, the memory of that show will remain forever. To this day, it’s the best show I’ve ever seen…

The stage setup was just magnificent! This next video is from that tour, though not from Cleveland… check out the stage!

The song is about his struggles to get through to his daughter… something I’m all too familiar with.

Hoo boy… this one was really hard to listen to…

This last one is one of my favorite Gabriel tunes. Funny thing is, my 5 year old daughter loves it just as much… The whistling part is what caught her attention, but now she knows all the lyrics. This is, again, from the ’93 show that I want to… though not professionally shot like the last one… Still pretty cool, though!

Someday, I’ll tell Delana what the song is about…

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

~ G

Hug your children and love them every day

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